Bigger, Better, Faster, More: Audience Development Tools for the 21st Century

THERE’S A REVOLUTION BREWING in audience development, that amorphous and all-encompassing term that describes the tools we use to lure and keep patrons in our seats. A slew of new tools is being developed simultaneously by arts organizations, foundations and for-profit vendors that, in the next year or two, may drastically improve the specificity and […]

Dance Discourse Project #14

SMALL in the Bay Area In the ecology of any performance scene, different kinds of places play different roles. In the bay area there has been a vigorous history of small, informal, intimate, non-precious spaces where dance occurs. Taking a moment to shine a spotlight on the current situation, ddp14 asked for a GIANT convocation […]

Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee Announces Nominees and Honorees for 2018-19 Performance Season

The Isadora Duncan Dance Awards, known locally as the Izzies, are awarded annually to acknowledge creative achievements in the performance and presentation of dance. This year the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee will celebrate 34 years of honoring local dance artists. Awards are given in nine categories to honor the dancers, choreographers, designers, composers, dance […]

In Conversation with Tonya Amos

In Conversation, a series of interviews exploring exchanges about dance and different folks’ relationship to dance.     Tonya Amos received a BA in Cultural Anthropology from U.C. Berkeley & trained four years on full scholarship at Alvin Ailey American Dance Center. A member of Actors Equity Association, she has appeared with Alvin Ailey American […]

Welcome, Oct 2010

I was recently confronted with the saying, “If you can spot it, you got it,” which I took as this: the faults I so easily point out in others are the ones I have too—for the record, I was complaining about complainers, go figure. This realization spurred a re-evaluation of how I shape my reality, […]

For the Love of Dance; Dance Writers on Criticism, Nov 2007

Dancers’ Group asks seven Bay Area dance critics questions about their jobs and role of dance criticism.

Welcome, Sep 2012

It has been a busy summer. It started with me waking up one morning with a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen that became appendicitis and within a few hours, I was in the emergency room being scheduled for surgery. I discovered that you don’t need your appendix, that appendicitis can afflict you at […]

Sailing Away: Joanna Haigood Choreographs San Francisco History

Flooded with Gold Rush lucre and teeming with the adventurers who hunted for it, San Francisco in the 1850s was a rootin’-tootin’, quick-shootin’, prostitutin’ Wild West boomtown. Halloween in the Castro has nothing on the Barbary Coast. As choreographer Joanna Haigood describes it, “The energy was very chaotic, wild, violent, excessive. The city was being […]

PUSH Dance Company: EMME YA: Expedition

Join us for the final installment of EMME YA: Expedition featuring a film with choreography by Raissa Simpson, filmmaker Jabreel Green, and composer jamil nasim. Performers include: Jeremy Brooks Ashley Gayle, Erik Raymond Lee, Terrence Paschal, Patrick Secrease, Ameia Smith, Danielle Smith

The Grant You Wish You Could Write

Photo by Marley Trigg Stewart. [ID: Miguel Gutierrez looks softly into the camera while biting a rosary, bathed in orange light. He is a light skinned, Latinx cis-man with short black hair and beard speckled with grey, glitter on his face, and a purple gem on his cheek. He wears a black t-shirt and sequined […]