BRIDGING THE GAPS: Challenges and Opportunities for US-China Cross-Cultural Exchange

WHEN I FIRST VISITED CHINA to perform in the Beijing Dance Festival in 2012, I arrived assuming that modern dance in China was a relatively new, underdeveloped phenomenon. I had no […]

Solo Form: Nora Chipaumire

I WAIT IN GREAT ANTICIPATION for Nora Chipaumire’s homecoming… her San Francisco Bay Area premiere of Miriam at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum February 13-15, 2014. To […]

Welcome, Jan/Feb 2014

THE PERENNIAL CRAVING for new beginnings—creative, practical, success or health-based—are abundantly present at the start of each new year. This universal desire to move forward comprises the imaginative impulses that […]

New View

With fresh faces popping up constantly, the local Bay Area dance community is a unique blend of seasoned and new perspectives. In Dance caught the new view from the new […]

To Russia With Love: FACT/SF’s Trans-Siberian Tour

What do Annie Leibovitz, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and FACT/SF have in common? They’re all cultural ambassadors to Russia through the U.S. State Department’s American Seasons program, which promotes the […]

Community Perspectives: Looking Back at 2012

We asked our readers to share memories of this past year: to think back to classes taken; performances attended, danced in or created; events that happened; even, trips taken. We […]

Mary Sano and the Duncan Legacy

It is a typical Sunday afternoon at the Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dancing. The sounds of Chopin, Gluck and Schubert provide the soundtrack as a light breeze caresses the […]

Welcome, Dec 2012

With a smile on my face, I’m giddy reporting that my mind, body and heart are renewed and refreshed from spending a few glorious weeks in Italy. My favorite part […]

SPEAK: An Ever-larger Disappearing Act

I make site-specific dance installations, and am working on a big, breathy, dreamy, amorphous, maddening piece that will show up in the Bay Area this winter, wandering through four different […]

Abadá Capoeira: the Spirit of Brazil

By Mary Ellen Hunt “I want the pieces to flow like water from one to the next,” says Márcia Treidler, evoking a serpentine image of a river of music, dance […]