Welcome, Sep 2010

Everything is set to launch another rich dance season and September marks the return of new productions, programs and renewed theaters that reflect our robust growing community. I’ve purposefully used the words rich and growing to contradict the notion that art-making should be equated with being poor. We are absolutely under-resourced, yet within the realm […]

Collapsing Time/Unraveling Supremacy: A Letter from the Future

About Me I’m a 56-year-old queer, Black biracial woman. I grew up in a world where art, social justice, and everyday life were seamlessly intertwined. My mother is an African American arts educator, portrait painter and anti-racism activist. My father was a white professor of ethics and social justice movements. When I wasn’t in school, […]

What’s On For Fall: Season Performance Preview

AFTER THE ALWAYS-HECTIC spring performance season, summer is a pleasantly quiet time in Bay Area dance. Outside of a few visiting artists, student recitals and small-company shows, it’s three whole months to regroup and recharge for the abundance to come. Hopefully you’re well rested, as fall 2010 offers a bumper crop of dance. In recent […]

PUSH Dance Company: EMME YA: Expedition

Join us for the final installment of EMME YA: Expedition featuring a film with choreography by Raissa Simpson, filmmaker Jabreel Green, and composer jamil nasim. Performers include: Jeremy Brooks Ashley Gayle, Erik Raymond Lee, Terrence Paschal, Patrick Secrease, Ameia Smith, Danielle Smith

10 in 10 with Javier Stell-Fresquez

You are reading excerpts from Andréa Spearman’s recorded conversation with Javier Stell-Frésquez 10 in 10 theme music: Bright, upbeat pop music that you may hear in a teen-centered drama series. [Theme music plays, then fades out slightly to play in the background of the introduction] [An animation shows a bright green background and a prominent […]

The Women in White

It was not until my first year of college that I asked myself why women were always dying in classical ballets. Now entering my senior year, this question still haunts me.

In Practice: Encounters Over 60 with Margaret Jenkins

Merián Soto, Photo by Bill Hebert In October and November 2019, I saw the work of three remarkable New York-based artists: Adia Whitaker, Miguel Gutierrez, and Tere O’Connor. Although O’Connor is arguably the most well-known of the group, or at least the most well-established, at least in contemporary western concert dance circles nationally and internationally, […]

FACT/SF’s New Commissioning Program JuMP: Balancing Breadth and Depth

OFTEN WHEN THERE ISN’T an ideal opportunity at hand, you have to create one for yourself. In that vein, FACT/SF founder and Artistic Director Charles Slender has recently created a new commissioning program, JuMP (short for Just Make a Piece), that will provide the resources for an artist to—like the name suggests—simply make a piece. […]

You Can Go Home Again

A preview of an upcoming performance by Karole Armitage Gone! Dance Company presented by San Francisco Performances at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

How to Work Abroad: Demystifying the Tanzmesse

The Internationale Tanzmesse NRW, a biennial festival in Düsseldorf, Germany, is either a bonanza of work opportunities or an exercise in “body fascism,” depending on whom you talk to. Listen to Benjamin Levy, an American choreographer who’s been there, and he’ll tell you it’s a fantastic chance to learn how the European dance community does […]