Community Perspectives: Looking Back at 2012

We asked our readers to share memories of this past year: to think back to classes taken; performances attended, danced in or created; events that happened; even, trips taken. We […]

Mary Sano and the Duncan Legacy

It is a typical Sunday afternoon at the Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dancing. The sounds of Chopin, Gluck and Schubert provide the soundtrack as a light breeze caresses the […]

Welcome, Dec 2012

With a smile on my face, I’m giddy reporting that my mind, body and heart are renewed and refreshed from spending a few glorious weeks in Italy. My favorite part […]

SPEAK: An Ever-larger Disappearing Act

I make site-specific dance installations, and am working on a big, breathy, dreamy, amorphous, maddening piece that will show up in the Bay Area this winter, wandering through four different […]

Abadá Capoeira: the Spirit of Brazil

By Mary Ellen Hunt “I want the pieces to flow like water from one to the next,” says Márcia Treidler, evoking a serpentine image of a river of music, dance […]

Welcome, Sep 2012

It has been a busy summer. It started with me waking up one morning with a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen that became appendicitis and within a few […]

What do you think is the: Value of Dance?

In Dance gathered responses from various members of our Bay Area community. Our question polled the opinion of dancers, choreographers, adminstrators, enthusiasts, and teachers. Whether it’s a personal connection to […]

New View: Hallie Dalsimer

Through our ongoing “New View” series, we introduce newcomers to the dance community. This month, we asked Hallie Dalsimer a few questions about herself and her role in the dance […]

From Dress-up to Drag

Monique Jenkinson, aka Fauxnique, exudes the demeanor of both a fabulous diva and a humble girl-next-door–at once imagining performance as spectacle and sparkle beyond the norm, while methodically crafting personal, […]

Dancers’ Group: Celebrating 30 Years

Space to Make Mistakes 1994–I once locked a homeless man into the Dancers’ Group/Footwork 22nd Street space overnight. Well, it wasn’t just me. It was all three of us POTRZEBIE […]