Israel Gone Gaga: Batsheva to the Max

Float. Pull your bones. Smear your flesh on the ground. Connect to your pleasure. Quake. Stretch your face. Find the snake in your spine. Put a good taste in your […]

Living and Moving in a Way that Grows: A Look at Sustainability

Shop locally. Eat regionally. These are two adages that get thrown around often in the culture that permeates the Bay Area. It is a hallmark of where we live, a […]

New View

With fresh faces popping up constantly, the local Bay Area dance community is a unique blend of seasoned and new perspectives. In Dance caught the new view from the new […]

Community Perspectives: Looking Back at 2012

We asked our readers to share memories of this past year: to think back to classes taken; performances attended, danced in or created; events that happened; even, trips taken. We […]

New View: Hallie Dalsimer

Through our ongoing “New View” series, we introduce newcomers to the dance community. This month, we asked Hallie Dalsimer a few questions about herself and her role in the dance […]

PEER Practices in Context

GENERATION Y lives in a world saturated with information. Those of us who were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s grew up with the Internet and as […]

The Right Space For the Right Piece: Here Now Dance Collective to Perform at CounterPULSE

Consider the following scenario: You’re a dancer living in the Bay Area, and you have an impulse to choreograph. Whether making dances has always been an ambition or one day […]

The Jewish Nutcracker Goes Back in History and Redresses for the Holidays

MAKING HISTORIC COSTUMES for the theater can toss a designer way back in time, but for dancer-designer Jamielyn Duggan it was a quantum leap to 166 BCE for The Jewish […]

Welcome, Oct 2013

STARTING A CREATIVE ENDEAVOR takes courage. Then it takes work. Then it takes finding funding for the project. Then, of course, it takes more work. Then the really fun part […]

A Diverse Career in the Corps de Ballet: With San Francisco Ballet’s Alexandra McCullagh Newman and Gaetano Amico III

At the age of three, Alexandra McCullagh Newman saw her first Nutcracker— immediately, she was in love. Fast forward a few years, and McCullagh Newman was well-immersed in the dance […]