Understanding Your Health Insurance Options

From the first hints of reforms to the nation’s health care system several years ago to the opening of the “statewide exchanges” this past October, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) […]

Welcome, Sep 2012

It has been a busy summer. It started with me waking up one morning with a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen that became appendicitis and within a few […]

PEER Practices in Context

GENERATION Y lives in a world saturated with information. Those of us who were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s grew up with the Internet and as […]

The Jewish Nutcracker Goes Back in History and Redresses for the Holidays

MAKING HISTORIC COSTUMES for the theater can toss a designer way back in time, but for dancer-designer Jamielyn Duggan it was a quantum leap to 166 BCE for The Jewish […]

Welcome, Oct 2013

STARTING A CREATIVE ENDEAVOR takes courage. Then it takes work. Then it takes finding funding for the project. Then, of course, it takes more work. Then the really fun part […]

A Diverse Career in the Corps de Ballet: With San Francisco Ballet’s Alexandra McCullagh Newman and Gaetano Amico III

At the age of three, Alexandra McCullagh Newman saw her first Nutcracker— immediately, she was in love. Fast forward a few years, and McCullagh Newman was well-immersed in the dance […]

Welcome, Sep 2013

Often, Opulent Opportunities co-mingle with high/low art and do-it-yourself sensibilities, mixing cultures and movements—figurative and literal—that collide and complicate the total truth of the occasion. At some future time, the […]

How to Move to Berlin: a Dancer’s Survival Guide or 12-step Program or a Gentrification Manual Or… Can Moving Be Called Contemporary Dance?

Full Disclosure: This article doesn’t exactly know what form it wants to take yet. Similar to its author, this article holds a lot of new information from the past year […]

The Right Space For the Right Piece: Here Now Dance Collective to Perform at CounterPULSE

Consider the following scenario: You’re a dancer living in the Bay Area, and you have an impulse to choreograph. Whether making dances has always been an ambition or one day […]

New View: Studio 1924 in Oakland

At Studio 1924, Melissa Agocs and Count Glover share the vision to provide an intimate, fun place for dancers where they can truly feel part of a community. Melissa and […]