Dance Discourse Project #2

Investigating the Post Multi-Culturalism Landscape Sherwood Chen and Mary Armentrout spoke with Danny Kalanduyan, Teela Shine Ross, Prumsodun Ok, and Joti Singh. In this second installment of an ongoing series, co-curators Sherwood Chen of ACTA (The Alliance for California Traditional Arts) and DDP organizer and local choreographer Mary Armentrout invited these four local dance artists […]


Someplace, else Over dinner with my best friend Danelia, who is an outdoor educator and leader, I expressed a desire to leave San Francisco for some ‘nature therapy.’ I shared things like: ‘I want to experience nature again,’ and ‘I’m tired of waking up in San Francisco.’ In the natural world there is no excess. […]


TRY a queer fantasy of improvised collaboration where body and land meet ancestry and futurity TRY is a performance choreographed by Ishmael Houston-Jones created in deep collaboration with jose e. abad, Snowflake Calvert, Keith Hennessy, and Kevin O’Connor with music by Gabriel Nuñez de Arco and jose e. abad in an immersive installation by Monica […]

Building a Culture: An International Perspective

Introduction In the wake of the economic recession, dance education is at a critical turning point in California. Despite popular dance entertainment, such as So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, funding for dance education is practically non-existent. From an outsider looking in, this is baffling. Why is dance education still […]

Tax Tips for Artists

Home in Office If you book your gigs from home and/or rehearse there, you may take the portion of your apartment that is used exclusively and year round for that purpose. If it’s just a desk in a corner, it’s still worth taking as it enables you to take mileage every time you leave your […]

Dance Discourse Project #1

Bay Area Dance: Who Are We Now? Mary Armentrout spoke with Keith Hennessy, Jez Kuono`ono Lee, Laura Elaine Ellis, and paige starling sorvillo. In this first installment of a ongoing series of artist-curated discussions about specific topics in the Bay Area contemporary dance scene, organizer Mary Armentrout invited these four local dance artists to bring […]

Requesting Liability Insurance

The Complexities and Contradictions of Awards Ceremonies

Mikhail Baryshnikov has a slew of honors to include in his biography, and for years listed prominently the “Bessie,” or New York Dance and Performance Award, which he was given in 1997. David R. White, creator of the Bessies, mentions this on the phone when I ask him if dance awards have any particular value. […]


Size matters, mostly. I like my encounters to feel big and bold. In a space where bodies defy expectations in size, ability, race, and gender, while providing intimate physical moments that range from quiet tenderness to explosive fireworks. I also like the experience to last—an encounter might take 30 to 40 minutes. Not to be […]

Dance In San Francisco; Observations and Attitudes

The following article was published in Movement Research Journal #31, Summer 2007, New York City. San Francisco, the left coast, the endpoint of western expansion and escape. Being a port town means we get more than our share, fortunately, of faggots and whores, hippies and entrepreneurs, con artists and gold diggers. San Francisco is home […]