The Right Space For the Right Piece: Here Now Dance Collective to Perform at CounterPULSE

Consider the following scenario: You’re a dancer living in the Bay Area, and you have an impulse to choreograph. Whether making dances has always been an ambition or one day […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Traditional Arts: Speaking with Lily Kharrazi of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts

When many of us come to California, we come with the goal of embracing the new and leaving our histories behind us. Our state seems to be one of perpetual […]

New View: Hallie Dalsimer

Through our ongoing “New View” series, we introduce newcomers to the dance community. This month, we asked Hallie Dalsimer a few questions about herself and her role in the dance […]

Welcome, May 2013

These days, I’m into watching. A happy voyeur sitting in a darkened room where I view bodies working out choreographic ideas that are complex, nuanced, big, bold–even messy. Ideas that […]

Dance Discourse Project #14

SMALL in the Bay Area In the ecology of any performance scene, different kinds of places play different roles. In the bay area there has been a vigorous history of […]

Instead of Performing: Interpreting the Work of Tino Sehgal

I was alone lying on a cold concrete floor moving slowly and following my breath, not permitted to talk or stand up. My thoughts wandered to strange places: childhood, ancestors, […]

Pilot: Start-up Strategies for 2013

This article discusses the Pilot Program, ODC’s long-running incubator for emerging artists, and contextualizes how it functions within the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the larger dance community, […]

New View: Studio 1924 in Oakland

At Studio 1924, Melissa Agocs and Count Glover share the vision to provide an intimate, fun place for dancers where they can truly feel part of a community. Melissa and […]

Upaj (Improvisation) of Life Captured on Film

Having personally witnessed the development of Pandit Chitresh Das and Jason Samuels Smith’s relationship on and off the stage, I was thrilled when the announcement of a documentary to capture […]

Sara Shelton Mann and Jesse Zaritt: Within the heart

A hybrid gallery installation and performance event by Sara Shelton Mann, Jesse Zaritt, and Niall Jones in Collaboration. Dancing by: Clarissa Dyas, Gabriele Christian, Abby Crain, Gizeh Muñiz Vengel Technical […]