Welcome, May 2013

These days, I’m into watching. A happy voyeur sitting in a darkened room where I view bodies working out choreographic ideas that are complex, nuanced, big, bold–even messy. Ideas that […]

Dance Discourse Project #14

SMALL in the Bay Area In the ecology of any performance scene, different kinds of places play different roles. In the bay area there has been a vigorous history of […]

Instead of Performing: Interpreting the Work of Tino Sehgal

I was alone lying on a cold concrete floor moving slowly and following my breath, not permitted to talk or stand up. My thoughts wandered to strange places: childhood, ancestors, […]

Pilot: Start-up Strategies for 2013

This article discusses the Pilot Program, ODC’s long-running incubator for emerging artists, and contextualizes how it functions within the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the larger dance community, […]

Bodies of Empowerment: April Classes

Bodies of Empowerment has free classes every month taught by amazing teachers offering many different styles of dance. It’s a place where you can explore movement, meet new people, sweat, […]