Weaving Wisdom in the Andes: Documentary explores the relationship between an ancient craft and brain health

Weaving is a full-bodied experience. It is a community choreography that capitalizes on strong bonds between generations and connections with nature.

Tracing Roots: A Perspective on Indian Contemporary Dance

I came to the US from India in 2003 to attain my BA in Dance from San Jose State University.

Gray Zones: Ko Muroboshi’s Hand in the Development of inkBoat’s Crazy Cloud

Once again I’m roaming East Mountain hungry. When you are starving, a bowl of rice is worth a thousand pieces of gold. An ancient worthy swapped his wisdom for a few lichee nuts, Yet I still cannot refrain from singing odes to the wind and moon. — Ikkyu, Poem Exchanged for Food Besides, I am […]

Dancing Happens in Strip Malls Too

My first memories of learning dance were at the Strip Mall Dance Studio near my house in Lawrence, Kansas. The strip mall was creatively named “The Malls Shopping Center.” I don’t remember what the studio itself was called but I know exactly where it was—tucked in the corner of a row of single-story beige buildings that also housed Pet World (my favorite place on earth as a 4-year-old), an Ace Hardware (my second favorite place), and a Godfather’s Pizza.

Welcome, Sep 2012

It has been a busy summer. It started with me waking up one morning with a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen that became appendicitis and within a few hours, I was in the emergency room being scheduled for surgery. I discovered that you don’t need your appendix, that appendicitis can afflict you at […]

Love ONSITE: Finding Love Everywhere in San Francisco

Anyone lucky enough to be at San Francisco’s City Hall on February 12, 2004, witnessed something extraordinary: The legal marriages of same-sex couples as well as heterosexual ones—along with the jubilation that filled the rotunda, poured out the hall doors and flowed into Civic Center Plaza. Love was everywhere on that day and during the […]

SPEAK By Jose Navarrete

In 2007 I went to India, and on that journey I experienced everything from horror to beauty: magnificent palaces and temples contrasting with the utmost human misery. Throughout it all, water was at the core of this gigantic human drama. On the one hand, there is a scarcity of the resource due to industrial overconsumption, […]

The Soft Solace of a Slightly Descended Lost Life (Suck It)

Experience the latest digital creation of Robert Moses’ KIN titled “The Soft Solace of a Slightly Descended Lost Life (Suck It)”. This new work, RMK’s most ambitious video project to date, focuses on the fractured heritage, risk, and the theft of solace & safety from everyday life. Filmed in April 2021, “Soft Solace” is a […]


Bodies are perfect. They are also complex, colorful and filled with tons of cool applications. Each body is the ultimate super computer, efficiently organizing 37.2 trillion cells that are in action 24 hours a day. As complex as our bodies are, we easily reboot with some rest and automatically update our operating systems. The body […]

How to Move to Berlin: a Dancer’s Survival Guide or 12-step Program or a Gentrification Manual Or… Can Moving Be Called Contemporary Dance?

Full Disclosure: This article doesn’t exactly know what form it wants to take yet. Similar to its author, this article holds a lot of new information from the past year and is still figuring out how to organize and position itself in a larger context of contemporary dance both in San Francisco/USA and Berlin/Europe. In […]