Dance Film Comes of Age

A look at the marriage of dance and film. Stephanie Linakis explores this artistic shift, who it interests, and which events in the upcoming year will highlight the use of this medium.

The Soft Solace of a Slightly Descended Lost Life (Suck It)

Experience the latest digital creation of Robert Moses’ KIN titled “The Soft Solace of a Slightly Descended Lost Life (Suck It)”. This new work, RMK’s most ambitious video project to date, focuses on the fractured heritage, risk, and the theft of solace & safety from everyday life. Filmed in April 2021, “Soft Solace” is a […]

How to Move to Berlin: a Dancer’s Survival Guide or 12-step Program or a Gentrification Manual Or… Can Moving Be Called Contemporary Dance?

Full Disclosure: This article doesn’t exactly know what form it wants to take yet. Similar to its author, this article holds a lot of new information from the past year and is still figuring out how to organize and position itself in a larger context of contemporary dance both in San Francisco/USA and Berlin/Europe. In […]

Moving Histories

The devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the destructive fury of Hurricane Gustav in 2008 and most recently, the massive earthquake in Haiti have shocked the world with stories and images of incomprehensible suffering in the often already destitute areas of the Caribbean. In spite of, or perhaps because of, these searing […]

A Diverse Career in the Corps de Ballet: With San Francisco Ballet’s Alexandra McCullagh Newman and Gaetano Amico III

At the age of three, Alexandra McCullagh Newman saw her first Nutcracker— immediately, she was in love. Fast forward a few years, and McCullagh Newman was well-immersed in the dance world, taking class six days a week at Marin Ballet. She and her mother were also loyal San Francisco Ballet season ticket holders, attending Sunday […]

Find Time and Space with Residency Programs

Inspiration pours from your graceful fingertips and toes. If only you had time and space to explore the depths of your imagination freely, validating what you already know to be true: that you are a dancemaker and you must create. ‘Tis no fantasy. There is in fact a way to hone your skills, develop and […]

Welcome, Apr 2010

Each of us holds a story of how we came to dance, some filled with rich histories motivated by family connections to the form, others focused on pivotal moments of observing a dancer. For many, these experiences were seen on television, within a film, onstage, or now, the Internet. My story is not unique, yet […]

San Francisco Dance Film Festival

THE FIRST ANNUAL SAN FRANCISCO DANCE FILM FESTIVAL, presented by Motion Pictures and hosted by Ninth Street Independent Film Center, is taking place March 5-7, 2010. The weekend will involve, special guests and workshops, and feature local, national and international dance films. Greta Schoenberg is the mastermind behind this festival. She has spent the past […]

Leaning into the Unexpected: The vulnerability and willingness of anthropology and performance

When I tell people I study performance as an anthropology major at college, many consider the two an odd mix.