In Practice: Holding Wait with Jo Kreiter

On a rainy afternoon in March, I met with Jo Kreiter, choreographer, artist-activist, and artistic director of Flyaway Productions, in a rehearsal space at Project Artaud, behind the Joe Goode […]

In Conversation: Maurya Kerr and Alaja Badalich

You are reading excerpts from Maurya Kerr and Alaja Badalich’s recorded conversation. Listen to the conversation. Transcript of the full conversation

FALLING FORWARD INTO NEW SPACES: In Conversation with Mary Armentrout

Why, What, When, Who and Where – life is full of these five ‘w’ questions. And that last ‘w’ (the where), seems of particular concern these days. From the prosaic to the logistic […]

Who Are We?

An overview of a new series called the Talking Dance Project, which aims to create dialogue around topics affecting Bay Area dance.

NEW VIEW: Julie Potter

Meet Julie Potter, the Director of San Francisco’s ODC Theater, who stepped into the role in the fall of 2016. Dancers’ Group has had the privilege of working with Julie […]

Thread: Our three weeks with the San Francisco Ballet, Apr 2008

From the moment I walked in the front door off Franklin Street through the final rehearsal and showing, I felt excitement, warmth and support from everyone at the San Francisco […]

The Call: San Francisco Native Margaret Jenkins Always Moves Forward

Margaret Jenkins, known to the dance world as Margy, has been making dances for most of her 75-years. She trained at the leading edge of performance with Judy Job, Welland […]

The Shifting Cornerstone: WestWave Splashes into the Streets, July/ Aug 2008

Joanna Haigood, the Artistic Director of San Francisco based Zaccho Dance Theater, is a well-known creator of site specific apparatus based dance. She has been creating work world-wide on various […]

Curating a Collision

“It is a delimitation of spaces and times, of the visible and the invisible, of speech and noise, that simultaneously determine the place and the stakes of politics as a […]


I’d like to think I have become a mature dancer. After a 12-year professional career, I don’t get nervous anymore. As I perform, I enjoy the clarity of being on […]