ONSITE: Amara Tabor-Smith

He Moved Swiftly But Gently Down the Not Too Crowded Street: Ed Mock and Other True Tales in a City That Once Was… June 15, 21, 22 & 23, 2013 3:30-8:30pm Click here to download a PDF of the full performance program which archives production details, schedule and map. He Moved Swiftly was a site-specific […]

ONSITE: Katie Faulkner

We Don’t Belong Here FREE Performances Union Square: Thu-Fri, Sept 29-30 and Sun, Oct 2, 2011 Yerba Buena Lane: Thu-Sun, Oct 6-9, 2011 All performances began at 8pm Do I belong in this marriage? This body? This religion? This club? This nursing home? This career? Collaborators Katie Faulkner, choreographer and Artistic Director of little seismic […]

Care. Liberation. Now.: Changing Shape, Shaping Change

Dancing Care In April 2021, right after we’d both been vaccinated, I began to meet weekly with a dancer friend and collaborator.  We met, keeping our masks on, in my living room, on my building roof, in the park.  It was the first time either of us was making dance with another human in over […]

Curating Performance in East Bay: Spotlight on Four Artist Groups

As most young artists discover, making the art is only half the work. Bringing the art to people involves a particular method to the madness. Commissions, showcases, residencies and co-productions, to name a few, are ways to produce a piece of work. An alternative approach is to independently organize and curate the event. A Do-It-Yourself […]

For the Love of Dance; Dance Writers on Criticism, Nov 2007

Dancers’ Group asks seven Bay Area dance critics questions about their jobs and role of dance criticism.

Participating Artists

Amara Tabor-Smith is a San Francisco NATIVE. Born on Majestic Ave, raised on Castro St. She is a dancer because of ED MOCK who taught her about music, spirit, love, storytelling, truth telling, mischief making and being fearless and free. She started dancing with him when she was 13 years old and has never stopped. […]

Bigger, Better, Faster, More: Audience Development Tools for the 21st Century

THERE’S A REVOLUTION BREWING in audience development, that amorphous and all-encompassing term that describes the tools we use to lure and keep patrons in our seats. A slew of new tools is being developed simultaneously by arts organizations, foundations and for-profit vendors that, in the next year or two, may drastically improve the specificity and […]

Bring Your Best Social Self to #DanceUSAconf

This year you will not get a folder filled with schedules, bios, and panel descriptions. Instead, organizers chose the eco-friendly option and made a mobile app that will contain your personal schedule, the conference schedule, and all the information you need to attend, post, share, and access the content and excitement of the 4th annual […]

Do You Know? Alicia Langlais

Highlighting the Activities of Artists/Organizations in Our Region Alicia “the Dance Dragon Slayer” Langlais is a self-described dance entrepreneur; whose work includes teaching and coaching. Alicia says she hopes that her students “find the inspiration and courage through my classes, workshops, and coaching to slay and reclaim that human birthright to dance and allow it […]

Leela Academy: Online Trial Class

Are you interested in learning Kathak? Come to a FREE trial class for Adults (Age 18+) Register at https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=759251&stype=-7&sTG=32&sVT=24&sView=week&sLoc=1&sTrn=9 The Leela Academy provides world class education and training in kathak dance to students. Whether you are brand new to kathak or are looking to rekindle your passion for the dance, we have a class for you. […]