Score Muscles

Choreographer Christy Funsch is delivering a new home practice called the 100 Days Score: a collection of 100 prompts to spark daily creative investigations. AMONG DANCEMAKERS of a certain ilk, there seems to be a need for a creative taskmaster. “I have been feeling discouraged about making work and finding myself in that ‘Why bother’ […]

Breathing at the Boundaries

Available to view online Now – Wed, Jan 6. Breathing at the Boundaries has been at the center of our activism these last few months. This new performance – with the MJDC dancers isolated and in touch, present and remote – is a response to this fragile moment in time. It also offers a chance for a […]

CalArts Winter Dance: Repertory/Trajectory

In partnership with REDCAT, CalArts Dance presents an ambitious, multi-track, online experience. Synthesizing the embodied memories of our faculty and students, we imagine new dances in new forms through new technologies. Join us for an immersive, digital performance charting our personal and shared histories with fresh insights through cutting-edge cartographies. 20/20 Hindsight and foresight. This […]

Beyond Aesthetics: Bachata, Politics, Praxis

Originating among the (predominantly Black) rural poor in the Dominican Republic in the latter half of the twentieth century, bachata music and the accompanying dance steps were stigmatized by the sociopolitical elite as vulgar, low-class forms of entertainment unsuitable for polite society.

Direct from the Source

As a university professor I consider it a crucial part of my job to question the teacher-student relationship, and what makes for effective teaching. This questioning has grown increasingly pertinent, as my colleagues and I have been pressured to increase enrollment and to move some classes online in order to accommodate 60 – 90 students. […]

The Christmas Ballet

Smuin kicks off the holiday season with the first-ever virtual edition of its ever-popular The Christmas Ballet program. Featuring the best of both worlds—breathtaking classical ballet as well as festive contemporary numbers—this season’s thrilling presentation of the longtime holiday tradition will take place online, with time-honored favorites and new surprises, set to holiday tunes and incorporating ballet, tap, […]