Curtain Up on ODC

After 27 straight years housing some of San Francisco’s most memorable dance performances, ODC Theater will be going black at the end of this year. The theater, whose programming needs […]

Cracked Open: Reflection on Moving the Body-Brain, Moving the Brain-Body – a danced lecture

Prompted by Dominic’s creative matchmaking, Paul and I had a conversation via Zoom that allowed us to speak about our dance-making as a way of engaging with and transforming difficult legacies that are invariably written on and encoded in our bodies.

Collaborative Improvisation in Media and Dance

Erika Tsimbrovsky and Avy K Productions place visual art on equal footing with music and dance, creating a perfect environment for exploring the relationship between movement and image. Performances are […]

How Much Should I Pay?

?? Dancers’ Group · What Should I Pay? by Katie Taylor If you prefer to read this piece, continue below.   What does it mean to pay for the things […]

Video Tips: Documenting Your Work

1. Communicate with your videographer. Let them know what specific preferences you have. The more they know, the better equipped they are to meet your needs. If there is anything […]

SPEAK: SUNSET DANCES and Being Grateful

Photo by Daniller Photography Making dance has always been a mixture of disciplined artistry and gratefulness. As in any practice or skill, there are levels or stages we move through; […]

Did You Know?: Dasha Chernova

In 2017 Bay Area-based and Russian-born Dasha Chernova began Telaboratoria (in Russian, “telo” means body and “laboratoria” means laboratory), a program offering dance and theater improvisation classes and workshops designed […]

Exploring the Horizon: The Red Wind Within Us

In trying times of transition, a resurgence of art and activism allows room for renewed questioning of assumed certainties. The current political climate has created a pressurized environment where artists […]

Did You Know? Highlighting the Activity of Artists/Organizations in Our Region: Little Boxes Theater

Who created Little Boxes Theater? A-K Arts Collective. Also known as Aaron & Kitty. The first dance performance Aaron Simunovich ever saw was the Margaret Wingrove Dance Company at a […]

LENORA LEE: Sharing Stories Through Dance and Film

The pair of programs Lenora Lee will present September 26 – October 5 at Dance Mission as her company’s 7th season will be a good opportunity to be introduced to […]