First Things First

Northwest Arkansas and Benton County roller derby leaguers at the Meet the Momentary festival in Bentonville, Arkansas Photo by Erika Chong Shuch First things first: how are you? Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how can we begin anything, even an essay in a dance publication, without asking this fundamental question? I hope you are Ok. If […]

Bay Area Dance Week

    Updated February 15, 2022 The Bay Area Dance Week festival will not take place in 2022. Dancers’ Group is in conversation about how the festival might return or evolve in 2023.  We continue to promote online, in-person and hybrid dance activities from Bay Area artists and organizations by re-posting and sharing on our […]

Speak: Sisters

All Roads Are Lined With Teeth is a new evening-length show choreographed and directed by sisters Megan and Shannon Kurashige for their San Francisco-based company Sharp & Fine. Created in collaboration with London-based playwright Amber Hsu and Oakland-based composer Aram Shelton, and featuring five dancers and four musicians, All Roads Are Lined With Teeth is […]

Bay Area Community Colleges: Great Teaching, Great Value

In the nine Bay Area counties, there are at least 17 colleges (the difficulty in counting comes from the fact that some have branches, while others have campuses and other naming possibilities). All serve the entire spectrum of student: from the recent high school graduate to the recently retired, as well as those retraining or […]

Effective Use of Social Media

You probably don’t need me to tell you how quickly the media landscape has changed, but a study published this past summer by Arbitron, makes it clear that social media is becoming central to American experience—and mobile is increasingly the way we access our social networks. More than half of Americans have a profile on […]

Move and Be Moved During Bay Area Dance Week

Each year hundreds of dance organizations, companies, schools and artists open up their doors and invite the public—you!—to attend an event, completely free of charge, during Bay area dance Week (BADW). dancers’ group presents BadW as part of the nationwide festival national dance Week, and we are proud that the Bay area’s edition is the nation’s largest celebration. Every year, […]


Look up and what do you see—an image that inspires? What are you thinking now? Through images and words curiosity arises and inspiration abounds. Dancers’ Group’s staff has frequent and lengthy conversations about what artists, events, and topics we will feature in In Dance. We grapple with a wonderful problem of having more content—ideas for […]


I’ve been reading, reading, reading. It’s a lovely part of my job. I get to read grant proposals, budgets (numbers tell a story, too), research studies, emails and numerous articles featured in In Dance —finding comfort and inspiration as I read in my spare time. My post-work reading is eclectic and is made up of […]


ENCORE, featuring Los Lupeños de San José and Los Lupeños Juvenil traditional Mexican folk dance companies, is our first theater concert in two years! ENCORE reprises five audience-favorites and debuts two dance suites with musical accompaniment by Ensamble Folklórico de Veracruz and Madrigal Musical. Concerts take place in the Plaza Theater at the School of […]

FINDING FREEDOM IN BEAT AND SONG: A Conversation with Gabriela Shiroma of De Rompe y Raja

Gabriela Shiroma stood before her students with a stern but dedicated expression. Her gaze panned from left to right, as the dancers moved together to the beat of the music. Shiroma turned her body to face forward and held onto two pieces of fabric, which she lightly placed on either side of her hips—one red, […]