june 17 2021- stylish muscling

today’s slushee is partly a memoriam for Julia Cziller Redick, my first dance teacher who passed away in april. from our first lesson, she instilled in me a spirit of creative play, the necessity of functional movement , and a sense of taste and style.

Poppin’ Fresh: The 12th Annual SF Hip Hop DanceFest

HIP HOP IS BIG BUSINESS. The genre that started with kids break dancing at New York block parties in the 1970s is now a requirement on So You Think You Can Dance, and every suburban gym offers hip-hop cardio fusion. But beyond the aerobics classes and the rap-video swagger, the true heart of hip hop […]

Drove VIII & IX

Chlo & Co Dance presents Drove VIII & IX online in digital format. The company is proud to curate an evening of Bay Area and Seattle based artists investigating the theme of simultaneity. There are five Drove VIII artists and five Drove IX artists paired together under specific prompts that relate to the larger theme. […]

Kularts & Alleluia Panis: Setting the Stage for Filipinx Diaspora Narratives

In a conversation about how she classifies her artistic practice, she told me that she does not consider her work to be “Philippine” dance, as that would be disrespectful to regional practitioners who undergo rigorous study, practice, and discipline that she as a choreographer and dancer who has livedmost of her life in the US has not undergone…

Fabric Animal: Weaving Bodies Through Time

On a recent afternoon in Emeryville, Sonsherée Giles and Sebastian Grubb gave a work-in-progress showing of their upcoming duet, Fabric Animal, to long-time Bay Area choreographer Nancy Karp. They have both performed in Nancy’s work in recent years and she was generous to offer her studio, time, and perspective to help develop the work. Here’s […]

Did you know? Los Lupeños de San José

Los Lupeños de San José is one of the region’s many mexican folklórico companies and was founded in 1969 by Susan Cashion, Phd and Ramón Morones. After a variety of changes, the company recently hired a new artistic director, Samuel Cortez. In Dance asked Cortez and managing director Tony Ferrigno about their work as Los Lupeños […]

Carolena Nericcio Fuses Forms to Inspire New Generations of Belly Dancers

The sun never sets on American Tribal Style Belly Dance®. From Sydney to Stockholm, and Tel-Aviv to Taipei, one can find an American Tribal Style® (ATS®) class in more than 270 studios in 20 countries—including 151 studios in 37 US states and Puerto Rico. Ground zero for this modern fusion of North African and Middle […]

In Practice: Later Alastair Macaulay

This article is modeled after outgoing New York Times chief dance critic Alastair Macaulay’s January 10, 2019 letter to the Dance Magazine editor[1] about Emma Sandall’s January 7, 2019 piece, “The Story of How Ballet Legs Got Higher, and Higher, and Higher.” Macaulay held his post at the Times from 2007 to 2018. Dear Editor, […]

Classical & Contemporary Persian Dance

Persia, bordering Central Asia and the Middle East, is the home of Classical Persian Dance. This dance style is a fluid yet rhythmic dance form, which emphasizes expression through the motion of hands and wrists, the relationship between the face and the hands, and smooth, organic transitions within movement patterns. The line and positioning of […]

Decolonizing Industries of Care: Nursing These Wounds

In California, one out of every five registered nurses (RN) is of Pilipinx descent.[1] These nurses are also disproportionately represented on the front lines: bedside as well as in intensive care units, emergency rooms, nursing homes and long-term care.