Collaborative Improvisation in Media and Dance

Erika Tsimbrovsky and Avy K Productions place visual art on equal footing with music and dance, creating a perfect environment for exploring the relationship between movement and image. Performances are largely improvised and necessitate strong artists capable of observing the work of others and responding to it. At the same time they must bring their […]

How Much Should I Pay?

?? Dancers’ Group · What Should I Pay? by Katie Taylor If you prefer to read this piece, continue below.   What does it mean to pay for the things that you value? On this topic, I’m full of questions and have no answers. Since Danspace (where I teach and work) launched virtual zoom classes, […]

Review: Side by Side; November 3, 2007, Julia Morgan Center

Anyone walking down the 2600 block of Berkeley’s College Avenue was treated to both a warm evening and a warm scene on the first weekend of November. Outside the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, a lively crowd milled as Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Theatre’s Jose Navarrete and Debby Kajiyama, powdered ghostly white, traipsed through […]

Dance Discourse Project #3

Dancers Debate the Body Politic Jessica Robinson spoke with Jo Kreiter, Ledoh, Sara Shelton Mann and Miguel Gutierrez. In this third installment of a lively series of discussions about topics in Bay Area dance, moderator Jessica Robinson, of CounterPULSE, invited Jo Kreiter, Ledoh, Sara Shelton Mann and Miguel Gutierrez to discuss the multiple layers of […]

Dance History According to Drag, Jun 2007

“A dancer’s life is a realist’s life,” says the woman onstage in a weary, regal voice. Standing in a dramatically pooled spotlight that glitters off her spangled dress and causes great spiky shadows to fall across her cheekbones when she lowers her eyelashes, Martha Graham is instantly recognizable: the high dark bun piled up on […]

Joy, Risk, and Change: An Interview with Marc Bamuthi Joseph

When any high-profile institution changes leadership, it begs the question of changes in topography. Earlier this year, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts proudly announced Marc Bamuthi Joseph as their new Director of Performing Arts. A Bay Area performing arts mainstay, based in Oakland, Joseph’s artistic accolades are many: he is a spoken word artist, […]

Video Tips: Documenting Your Work

1. Communicate with your videographer. Let them know what specific preferences you have. The more they know, the better equipped they are to meet your needs. If there is anything out of the ordinary or unexpected in your performance, like dancers entering the audience, let your videographer know ahead of time so they can plan […]

II International online dance festival | DANCE LINE 2021

You are welcome to enjoy one of the most important dance events – the II International dance festival DANCE LINE which will be organized online 16 January 2021. The festival allows to break the barriers between the countries. DANCE LINE is a great opportunity to get in touch with different cultures and get to know […]

Anna Halprin’s Art Filled Life on View at YBCA

Anna Halprin parked her white Volvo at the receiving dock of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and unloaded twelve trash bags full of leaves. The task-oriented performance artist, considered the mother of postmodern dance, had a booked agenda a week and a half before the opening of the exhibition chronicling over fifty years of […]

Speak: Danica Sena, April 2014

Editors note: Danica Sena is the recipient of the 2014 Dancers Choice Award and she will be acknowledged at a free public event on Friday, April 25 at 12noon during the kick off for Bay Area Dance Week. The annual Dancers Choice Award celebrates individuals and organizations that are creatively impacting dance. Danica was selected from a stellar group of nominees—ranging from schools and performance spaces, to […]