December 2010

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By Wayne Hazzard

Cross-Training Across Generations: Current Challenges in Arts Administration
By Maureen Walsh

2010 Highlight
By Brittany Pettit Delany

2010 Highlight
By Hannah Mason

2010 Highlight
By Jetta Martin

Pedagogical Frontiers in Technique: A Fresh Look at Old Ideas
By Kristine Anderson

Recognition, Resources, and Relevance: Considering Cultural Centers
By Lex Leifheit

The Dance v. The Critic: Who Has The Right to Write?
By Katie Gaydos

Art, Dance, Theory, and Perception
By Jennifer Marie Hoff

2010 Highlight
By Jesse Hewit

Does One Size Fit All Funders?
By Julie Kanter

Ms, Fs, and As, Oh My! Life After Graduate School, The Transition Awaiting
By James Graham

2010 Highlight
By Claire Calalo

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