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We are thinking of you. The health and well-being of the artists, organizations, and communities we work with is vitally important to us. We’re aware that many are adjusting to new realities and facing hardships, and Dancers’ Group will continue to collect and share information under our Resources tab.

Community news

Putting a spotlight on the Bay Area’s vibrant traditional arts

For all their vibrancy, distinction, and breadth, the traditional arts are underrecognized, misunderstood, and chronically underfunded. Commissioned by the Hewlett Foundation to prepare for the 50 Arts Commissions Folk and Traditional awards, “Communities of Change: Traditional Arts as Enduring Social Practice in California’s Bay Area” was prepared by the Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA), a statewide nonprofit organization focused on promoting and supporting ways for cultural traditions to thrive, now and into the future. Funders, artists, journalists, and scholars seeking to better understand the Bay Area’s traditional arts sector can now access a wealth of information and an adept analysis of the traditional arts fields.


Antoine Hunter & Capacitor, Parangal Dance Company, and Susana Arenas Pedroso / Duniya Dance and Drum Company named National Dance Project 2022 Production Grantees

Established to support the creation and U.S. touring of new dance projects, the National Dance Project Production Grant offers a unique funding framework that center the agency of dance artists and companies to deepen, interrogate, and share  their creative process, lineages, and community engagement practices, as well as experiment with new collaborative, operational, and touring models.


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Dancers’ Group has moved membership categories to a free community member category.

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Upcoming deadlines


Rauschenberg Dancer Emergency Grants (Cycle 5)

Provides one-time grants of up to $5,000 to professional dancers in need, who are in dire financial emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To be eligible to apply, your average adjusted gross income for the last two years you’ve filed tax returns must be no greater than $75,000 ($150,000 for joint filers). Due Fri, Oct 14. Read more…


Dresher Ensemble Artist Residency (D.E.A.R.)

Provides early to mid-career artists a $1,500 stipend, 24/7 access to free studio space for 1-4 weeks, and up-to-date equipment to create new work. D.E.A.R. grants 4 to 6 awards annually to individual artists or to groups of artists collaborating on a single project. Due Tue, Nov 15 Read more…

Pictured (left to right): Ladislao “June” Arellano, Allegra Bautista, and Angel Velez of KULARTS in “Nursing These Wounds”
Sep 2022

Decolonizing Industries of Care: Nursing These Wounds

by Joyce Lu

“During this pandemic, people are starting to call nurses superheroes. This makes me very uncomfortable. This is our job. We are not heroes.”
– Public Health Nurse, Mylene A. Cahambing, RN, MPH

Two dancers in masks kneel on the sidewalk. Behind them a woman holding a baby, a man with a cajita, and another with a Cajon.
Sep 2022

Afro-Peruvian Resilience and Empowerment Through the Dance Son de los Diablos

by Carmen Román

The work of Cunamacué is one of reimagining, remembering and reconstructing Afro-Peruvian dance practices. By combining Afro-Peruvian dance movements with ancestral memory and historical information, Cunamacué brings visibility to the presence and cultural contributions of African descendants in Peru.


Oct 6

Garrett + Moulton Productions (GMP) celebrates its 20th anniversary with the world premieres of a new work by choreographer Janice Garrett and an animated film by Charles Moulton. In addition, the company of 18 dancers and 6 musicians will perform Garrett’s Roll Out, which premiered in the Fall of 2021. Music will be performed live with conductor Jonathan Russell, long-time GMP collaborator, soprano Karen Clark and six instrumentalists.  

Oct 6

One of Asia’s foremost contemporary dance companies, Cloud Gate was founded in 1973 by choreographer Lin Hwai-min. The company, named after the oldest known dance in China, combines martial arts, Qi Gong, modern dance, and classical ballet. In 13 Tongues, Cheng Tsung-lung transforms his childhood memories of the streets of Bangka into a fantastical, dreamlike world, fusing ancient superstitions, religious rites, and modern Taipei culture. Beginning and ending with the sound of a single handbell, the music accompanying 13 Tongues ranges from Taiwanese folk songs to Taoist chants to electronica. On a stage awash with projections of colors, shapes, and images, dancers gather, interact, separate, and then come together again in a vibrant representation of the clamor of street life.

Oct 7

Smuin Contemporary Ballet kicks off its 29th season, featuring a long-awaited World Premiere by brilliant Cuban choreographer Osnel Delgado, whose work Bay Area audiences will experience for the first time in The Turntable. Also on the bill is Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s hit Requiem for a Rose. Finally, the music of jazz legend Dave Brubeck will come alive in Take Five by former Company member Rex Wheeler.

Oct 7

German performance artist, David Brandstätter collaborates with mezzo-soprano, Michelle Jacques for the US Premiere of FRE!HEIT (freedom in English). A treatise on the multiple meanings of, and negotiations around, the concept of freedom.

Oct 8

A night of Polynesian dance and music led by Mahealani Uchiyama, an award-winning dancer, musician, composer, choreographer, and teacher. As the founder and former artistic director of the Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance, Mahea's vision is to provide a place where students of all ages and abilities can take part in culturally enriching dance experiences through traditional training, lectures, demonstrations, performance opportunities and workshops with master teachers. In addition to her hula and Tahitian dance training, she has performed professionally in the genres of Caribbean and North African dance. As Kumu Hula, she has led numerous performance tours to Tahiti, New Zealand and the islands of Hawai’i, and has taught workshops throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Oct 9

The Nauka Charitam is a shorter play in one Act with 21 kritis set in 13 ragas and 43 verses in the Telgu in different metres. It is the most popular of Thyagaraja’s operas as the story is of captivating interest.The opera is full of delightful music and beautiful poetry.



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