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Community news


Deborah Cullinan appointed vice president for the arts at Stanford

After a national search, Deborah Cullinan, chief executive officer of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, has been appointed vice president for the arts at Stanford University, where she will collaborate across professional, academic and public communities to bring forward a comprehensive, future-facing vision and plan for the arts at the university. She will oversee a central arts office and the non-departmental and public-facing arts programs. Read more…


National Endowment for the Arts Announces FY23 Grant Guidelines and Webinars

The new Grants for Arts Projects (GAP) and Challenge America guidelines have been posted online. The NEA has a series of webinars planned in the new year to help you prepare your application:

Dance GAP Guidelines Webinar – Thu, Jan 27, 2022 from 3-4pm ET
Challenge America Guidelines Webinar – Tue, March 1, 2022 from 3-4pm ET

*Registration is required. For those who can’t attend live, the webinar will be recorded and available on


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Dancers’ Group memberships move to free in 2022

Dancers’ Group has moved membership categories to a free community member category.

We value connecting (with you) and sharing (what you’re doing). With removing a financial barrier to membership our hope is to encourage more engagement, learning, and sharing throughout our dynamic dance ecosystem. We’re proud that you’ve joined with us to continue to make dance visible and viable.

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Upcoming deadlines


Community Vision: SF Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative

Supports one-time expenses for eligible nonprofit acquisition and lease stabilization projects. Priority will be given to organizations that are deeply rooted in low-income communities, communities of color, and historically underserved communities in San Francisco. Due date: Jan 28 at noon. Read more…


Define American Immigrant Creative Fellowship

Supports artists and storytellers who happen to be immigrants who are working in narrative art forms (writing, filmmaking, visual storytelling, theater, illustration, podcasting, etc.) and have some experience in their chosen medium. Due date: Feb 4. Read more…

Two people dancing in a church. Both look directly into each other's eyes.
Jan 2022

An open letter to the lost

by Paul Singh

The main form of dance I practice as of late is Contact Improvisation (CI). The name tells you everything: you are improvising while in contact with another person or group. And in truth, by the very nature of the form, there is nothing more dangerous that could have been practiced in these past two years.

Sarah with a big smile wearing a t-shirt with the words “Tom Boy” on it in front of blue mural
Jan 2022

Collapsing Time, Unraveling Supremacy: A Letter from the Future

by Sarah Crowell

“What is the greatest ill in the world?” a student asked her spiritual teacher. “Self-hatred” the teacher answered in a somber tone. I heard this conversation 25 years ago and it rang like a bell inside my chest. Immediately, I recognized the intention behind all of my work as a dancer, arts educator, and community leader. It was to embody and inspire self-love. It was to create exquisite art and beloved community, never sacrificing one for the other. It was to install the mantra that joy is an act of revolution, not to deny systemic injustices, but to remind us who we are at the essence of our beings and to use that understanding to co-create a destiny that honors and uplifts everyone.


Feb 4

The ballerinos of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo have been charming Berkeley audiences with their singular brand of ballet satire since their campus debut in 1976. The “unspeakably talented” (Calgary Herald) all-male ballet troupe performs a sophisticated form of ballet parody en travesty; dance aficionados revel in the company’s smart send-ups of iconic repertory, and ballet “newbies”are delighted by the high-camp drama executed with flair and finesse. [ID: Ballet Trockadero dancers fan out in a stylish group photo with high port de bras arms and vibrant red, purple, and pink tutus against a grey backdrop.]

Feb 11

Zaccho Dance Theatre presents the world premiere of Love, a state of grace, a major performance installation featuring aerial dance and ritual and meditation stations throughout Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.  Love, a state of grace will be a performance installation, presented in one hour cycles repeated over three hours daily, during which the audience can move freely within the Cathedral.  Performances will be followed by panel discussions with activists, artists, and theologians, allowing the audience to explore their own perceptions of “otherness” and examining how we might move towards greater acceptance and understanding.   With over 90-foot ceilings, stained glass, and multiple chambers, Grace Cathedral will provide a multifaceted platform of many vantage points for audiences.  The rhythms and height of Grace’s Gothic design also present unique challenges for Zaccho Dance Theatre Artistic Director Joanna Haigood’s choreography.  Haigood will be choreographing the dancers’ movements using original props created by collaborating designers Wayne Campbell and Sean Riley, such as an anchored 90-foot ladder and 70-foot swinging pendulum. Love, a state of grace will feature some of the Bay Area’s most talented aerial dancers who will interact with original props created by collaborating designers Wayne Campbell and Sean Riley. These props include an anchored 90-foot ladder and 70-foot swinging pendulum, each a unique response to the rhythms and height of Grace Cathedral’s Gothic design.  Composer Walter Kitundu’s sound score will incorporate recorded material, the activation of live acoustic instruments within the space, the Cathedral’s massive pipe organ, and voices of a small choir, all in conversation with the Cathedral’s cavernous interior space and prolonged reverberation. Artist theologians Yohana Junker and Claudío Cavalhaes will design a series of meditations and small rituals with which the audience may engage throughout the Cathedral. At the heart of each ritual, the question that emerges is how to intimate and love our places, our bodies, our communities, our land otherwise.



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