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New Paper On AB5

On September 18, 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 5 (AB-5) into law, which made it more difficult for employers to classify workers as independent contractors, instead of employees. Though much of the press about this new law has focused on restructuring the employment relationship related to the “gig economy” and the tech sector, ultimately its passage will affect businesses of all types throughout California, including the nonprofit arts and culture sector. Read More.

Grants for the Arts General Operating Support Fiscal Year 2021

Starting with applications for Fiscal Year 2021 grants, the Grants for the Arts General Operating Support grant will be split into two unique categories: 1) Arts and 2) Parades and Festivals. Read More

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Introducing 945 ArtSpace

Asian Improv aRts SF in collaboration with Lenora Lee Dance (LLD), API Cultural Center (APICC), and the Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) have secured a Chinatown storefront space and have received a Creative Spaces Grant from the SF Arts Commission in order to formulate a 3 year plan for improvements and programming. Read More

Afro Urban Society Announces 2019 Stage Lighting Fellows

Congratulations to the eight 2019 Stage Lighting Fellows who will study and apprentice the art and skill of theater lighting. Read More.

NEA report explores Folk & Traditional Arts Program's impact

A new report by the National Endowment for the Arts, Living Traditions, is the first analysis of the agency’s Folk & Traditional Arts Program portfolio. The report highlights the program’s geographic reach, its capacity to address historically underserved populations, and the activities and achievements of its grantees and partners. Read More.

Nov 2019

In Practice: Nina Haft & Company’s Precarious Pod

Sima Belmar

When I was dancing with Nina Haft in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Jewish themes were prevalent. She made a dance called Minyan that derived some of its choreography from davening, the full body gesture of Jewish liturgical prayer, and another called Mit a Bing! Mit a Boom! A Klezmer Dance. In that one, I played David Berman, the Jewish gangster (or “gambling pioneer” if you prefer). I loved working with Nina in part because she’s a deep dance nerd who loves researching both book and body archives.

Nov 2019

Terry Sendgraff: We See You Flying!

Anne Bluethenthal and Aileen Moffitt

Terry Ann Sendgraff, dance pioneer, matriarch of aerial dance, visionary artist, and deeply influential teacher transitioned peacefully in her home in Oakland, California on September 6, 2019. She was 85 years old. An icon in the San Francisco Bay Area, Terry influenced the fields of performance, improvisation, and aerial dance. While she has been called the “mother of aerial dance” because of her impact on so many aerial artists, Terry’s reach extends nationally and internationally, and can be felt in the bodies of artists, friends, and colleagues across all disciplines. For those of us in the Bay Area who were making work from the 70’s to the 90’s, there is scarcely one who was not directly or indirectly touched by her work.


Nov 22

This year, the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, ¡FLACC!, is crossing the bay bridge in partnership with BAMPFA for the first time while celebrating its 6th annual dance festival.  Weekend 2: Bridges & Bones/EastBay features 13 Latinx choreographers bringing site-specific and culturally nuanced movement installations to the architecture and community of the museum setting.  Audiences will be taken on a journey through different spaces to witness impactful performances in 2 different programs each day with a post show Q & A to follow. Bridges & Bones provides an opportunity, for FLACCistas and audiences alike, to come together and examine narratives of and from a Latinx gaze, be it about direct or ancestral origins, acculturation and totemic wisdom, the LGBTQ identity, and a multitude of other intersections that in time become the very material with which Latinxs build bridges.  Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archives (BAMPFA) is hosting FLACC's featured choreographers en movimiento divided into 2 separate programs with 7 companies featured each day. Artists will be bringing culturally nuanced, site-specific or politically charged movement installations to the architecture and community of the museum setting. Audiences will go on a journey through various spaces to witness impactful performances in 2 different programs each day. Friday Program A: Liz Boubion & Karla Quintero(Oakland), Ariadna Saenz(San Diego), Randy Reyes(SF), Gizeh Muniz, Javier Stell-Fresquez(Oakland), Jocelyn Reyes(SF) Saturday Program B: Violeta Luna(SF), Adrian Arias(Oakland), David Herrera Performance Company(SF), Zoë Klein Productions(Oakland) , NAKA + MUA(Oakland/SF) , Liz Boubion & Karla Quintero (Oakland), Ariadna Saenz(San Diego).  

Nov 22

Nina Haft & Company presents the World Premiere of Precarious Pod, an immersive and interactive dance performance about animal instinct and planetary change, asking: what do animals teach us about cooperation and survival?  Exploring the lives of species that have adapted with varied success to human impact, Choreographer Nina Haft and her collaborators create a unique ‘ecosystem’ where audiences move about freely and observe how their choices impact movement and the environment around them, creating a place to explore how human and animal instincts collide.   Precarious Pod offers audiences an experience of what Haft refers to as “radical empathy toward animals, using dancers and their embodiment of animal behavior to bridge the human and animal worlds.”  Haft explains, “By getting back in touch with our animal nature, I believe we will re/learn how to survive as a pack. We will make decisions that are better for the planet. We will not feel so disconnected in the middle of our technologically mediated existence. We will find a new, radical empathy with animals. We will learn to bear witness to the mass extinction  -- also known as the Sixth Extinction -- that is already in progress.” Precarious Pod is performed in three sections:  Part One, Wind in the Bones, reveals the world of crows at dusk;  Part Two, Lupercalia, introduces a pack of four wolves at night; and Part Three, Leaving, is a rich solo at daybreak for a solitary vaquita – a harbor porpoise.   “I chose these three animals because they differ in how precarious they are in the company of humans. They also live in different environments - air, land, water,” says Haft.  “This project is driven by my belief that we as humans have forgotten how to listen to the natural world,” she adds.  “Unlike every other animal on the planet, we can forget how we are a small part of a vast and interconnected biosphere. Precarious Pod is a creative way to remember.” Read In Practice: Nina Haft & Company’s Precarious Pod in the November issue of In Dance

Nov 22

Smuin kicks off the holidays with the welcome return of The Christmas Ballet, a program featuring two acts packed to the brim with both breathtaking classical ballet and festive contemporary numbers. The beloved Bay Area tradition will bring back time-honored favorites and unveil brand new surprises set to holiday tunes and incorporating ballet, tap, jazz, and swing. The first act, Classical Christmas, features dancers costumed in snow-white ensembles performing flawless ballets celebrating the holiday season. The Cool Christmas second act brings a red-hot costume change along with a medley of lively modern numbers, including the iconic “Santa Baby” featuring a 42-foot long feather boa. The Christmas Ballet will tour the Bay Area, beginning with shows in Walnut Creek (November 22-23), continuing in Mountain View (November 29-December 1), San Francisco (December 12-23), and finishing up after Christmas in Carmel (December 28-29). Special addition: This year, Smuin will present an extra LGBQ+ performance in San Francisco only, with special guest Lady Camden in the role of “Santa Baby.”

Nov 22

Created and performed by the Skywatchers Ensemble—an intergenerational, mixed-ability collaborative arts ensemble of Tenderloin residents and ABD artists—Came Here to Live is rooted in the stories, dreams, and challenges facing its participants. Creating sublime theater that’s equal parts protest and mourning, the Skywatchers Ensemble weaves personal stories—often illuminating stark truths—with visions of a revolution that will be led by those historically excluded from shaping culture and policy. Came Here to Live offers a vision of what is possible when we build new models for an inclusive and just society, embrace our intrinsic interdependence, and see our futures as interconnected.

Nov 22

Micaya is pleased to present the 21stAnnual San Francisco International Hip Hop DanceFest (SFIHHDF), featuring nearly one dozen innovative hip-hop performances from dance companies from around the globe. Under the umbrella of hip hop, this year’s festival showcases work that draws variously from b-boying, breaking, popping, freestyle, locking, clubbing, housing, voguing and urban choreography. The 2019 festival welcomes international artists from Paris, Norway, Austria, Montreal, Chicago, New York, San Mateo, and San Francisco. Nearly one dozen groups will take the stage at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre mixing skillfulness with artistry and storytelling.   This year’s artists tackle issues such as religion, feminism, politics, technology, and the meaning of “home.” The festival culminates this year with am After Party on Sunday, November 24 at 7pm at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. Guests will be treated to short performances, DJ, and more. Following the Sunday matinee at 12pm, the festival welcomes kids onstage for the SFIHHDF Kids Freestyle Circle. The festival will also host master classes around the Bay Area.

Nov 22

The Saint Mary’s College Dance Company presents the choreographers from the Class of 2020 along with Los Angeles based guest artist Jermaine McGhee and faculty member Jia Wu in “The Spaces in Between.” This shared dance concert presents new works that are investigating the bridge that separates the unnoticed moments in our lives to the more meaningful markers and milestones.



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