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We’re Hiring for a…General Manager 

The General Manager will work with the Executive Director and Artist and Community Resource Managers to create and revise systems as well as identify and engage consultants that will implement technology efficiencies. Over the next one to two years the following projects will take place:

  • Create plan for a new Dancers’ Group website that will capitalize on ease of use and sharing information and resources
  • Evolve operations that continue to support in person and virtual work and support systems for a paperless office
  • Work with our FileMaker consultant to implement updates that support fiscal sponsorship
  • Organizing and digitizing Dancers’ Group’s archives
  • Updating office manual
  • Review and compile data for Annual Report
  • Strategic planning with staff and board

Dancers’ Group understands that folks looking to engage in a new job are seeking flexibility: work environments are evolving and we are interested in finding out how someone wants to work; Part-time? Full-time? A combo?

Work Schedule & Compensation: hourly or salaried employment with Dancers’ Group will be part of the interview process with a minimum starting pay of $39 an hour with sick time, vacation and holiday hours. And full-time staff receive full medical and dental coverage. The position requires coming into the Dancers’ Group office as well as online work.

To apply: compose a letter stating how you see yourself contributing to Dancers’ Group’s programs and services and how employment will fit in with your life/activities.

Let us know if you want to work full-time or part-time. We also want to learn about your past/current work and/or creative activities.

Apply for a position with Dancers’ Group if…. 

You Enjoy:

  • Organizing information to support artists
  • Engaging actively in lively conversation
  • Receiving feedback
  • Motivating yourself and others

You Value:

  • Dance-makers from diverse practices/backgrounds
  • Cultural Equity
  • Solving problems with technology

In a typical day, you might:

  • Take on or learn a new task
  • Get interrupted by a co-worker or artist with a question or request
  • Process data into Filemaker Pro
  • Take breaks, laugh, stretch

Extra Awesome:

  • Experience in the software we use: WordPress, Filemaker, Word, Excel, InDesign, and Google Drive
  • Bookkeeping or other financial experience
  • Writing/Editing

Send a letter and a work/creative history (as a single PDF) to

Job open till filled.

Dancers’ Group encourages applicants representing diverse backgrounds that include—but are not limited to—age, national origin, ethnicity, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation, gender or political affiliation.


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