Ruminations on the Ecology of Our Community

By In Dance


If I may be so bold, the Bay Area upholds a handsomely gifted dance community. One of the region’s greater strengths is in our interconnection, our solid network that weaves together artists, funders, dancers, technicians, critics, enthusiasts, presenters, and administrators. Inspiring are the many artists who bridge more than one, two, or three of these roles, whose cross-disciplined hybridism facilitates more and fascinating art.

When artists come together and share an experience it not only strengthens their connection, but points to similarities and interrelation of their topic. What follows are two accounts on a shared idea: Jorge De Hoyos and Evangel King highlight their perspective of the Bay Area dance community with an abundance of visceral experience, joy and reflection. Jorge submits questions to his community and is supported with opinions and answers, while Evangel comes full circle from reflections of the past, to conjecture and questions for the present.

We invite you to ponder the complex richness of a shared community.

This article appeared in the June 2010 issue of In Dance.

In Dance is a publication of Dancers' Group.