Fiscal Sponsorship

Dancers’ Group is currently not accepting applications to the Fiscal Sponsorship program. We are in a period of assessment and hope to re-open the program soon.


Check back – and secret hint …members will receive an email update once we start re-accepting applications to the fiscal sponsorship program .


Dancers’ Group’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program provides administrative support and guidance to choreographers and dance organizations, working in a variety of disciplines, so that they may produce community and performance projects; and ensures funding agencies and contributors that donations and grants received on behalf of the artists/projects are well-managed and funds are disbursed according to the grant proposal and their guidelines.

Dancers’ Group fiscally sponsors over 120 artists and companies. To support a project, click here.


Dancers’ Group will consider projects for sponsorship if they are:

  • Dance, including multi-disciplinary works or projects
  • Serving community needs
  • Serious in intent and well-planned
  • Responsible about proper reporting to funding sources and to the IRS
  • Showing potential for future development
  • Non-legislative


As a fiscally sponsored project, Dancers’ Group will provide:

  • Sponsorship of grant applications and administration of grant funds through a pre-approved grant relationship
  • Formal acknowledgment to funding sources of all contributions and monitoring of expenditures to ensure that they are in keeping with the original proposals, contracts or funding letters
  • Staff consultation on writing of grants and on final reports to funders
  • General guidance about possible funding sources
  • Access to grant deadline calendar

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Resources for Information About Fiscal Sponsorship
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