Fiscal Sponsorship

Dancers’ Group is currently not accepting applications.
We’re planning to re-open the program in late summer 2024.

** Check back for updates – and …members will receive details once we re-open the program.


Dancers’ Group’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program provides administrative support and guidance to choreographers, dance organizations and artists working in a variety of traditions, aesthetic styles and disciplines. We support projects so that they may produce community and performance projects or begin to develop their organization. As a fiscal sponsor, Dancers’ Group ensures to funding agencies and contributors that donations and grants received on behalf of the artists/projects are well-managed and funds are disbursed according to the agreement and or guidelines.

Dancers’ Group fiscally sponsors over 100 artists and companies. View current projects


Dancers’ Group will consider projects for sponsorship if:

  • Dance is primary to your process, including multi-disciplinary works or projects
  • Your project serves your community
  • Your activities are serious in intent and well-planned
  • Your work is non-legislative


As a fiscally sponsored project, Dancers’ Group will provide:

  • Sponsorship of grant applications and administration of grant funds through a pre-approved grant relationship
  • General guidance about possible funding sources
  • Staff consultation on fundraising, including submission of grant materials and on final reports
  • Acknowledgment to funding sources (including individual donations) and monitoring of expenditures to ensure they are in keeping with the original proposals or contracts
  • Payment of invoices submitted by the sponsored project
  • An online donation platform (customizable for each project
  • Accepting earned income
  • Accepting in-kind donations
  • Finance Statements
  • Generating and sending 1099 tax forms

No fee to apply to the program. Currently, an annual participation fee is waived.

Still have questions?

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Resources for Information About Fiscal Sponsorship
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