November 2009

Director’s Note
By Wayne Hazzard

Bold New Strokes: The Inauguration of the Performing Diaspora Festival
By Kate Law Hoflich

Going Strong for 50 Years: Westwind International Folk Ensemble
By Avilee Goodwin

SPEAK By Jessica Robinson Love
By Jessica Robinson Love

Dispersing the Diaspora: Excerpts from the CounterPULSE Blog
By Performing Diaspora Artists

ODC’s Kaleidoscope of Outreach
By Mary Ellen Hunt

AXIS for Everyone
By Emmaly Wiederholt

A Virtual Concept: Taking a New Look at Technology and Networking in Artist Residencies
By Ryan Crowder

Notes From a Suitcase
By Kim Epifano, with additional editing by Kris Eitland

Secondary Scores in Improvisations: Opening up the Space with Improvisation as Performance
By Shae Colett

Dance Brigade’s Wild Woman: The Political and Spiritual Krissy Keefer
By Anne Bluethenthal

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