Per Diem Request

Per diems are tracked under the expense category “7600 Program Travel and Lodging.”

View and download the Chart of Accounts (updated Jan 2023)

Checks are issued after verifying the correct per diem has been calculated (USA RatesForeign Rates), based on the timeframe and location.

Allow 2 weeks for Dancers’ Group to process the request

Does the individual/business want to be paid electronically? Complete Per Diem Details document here

Per Diem is taxable income: Dancers’ Group must report all income paid, including Per Diem. These funds, and any other income paid out will be reported on a 1099 for the individual paid (and you, the artist(s), in filing your Schedule C tax form would deduct the travel, hotel, food costs paid with the per diem as an expense, so you’d only be taxed on any invoiced income).

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