Dance Discourse Project #14

SMALL in the Bay Area

In the ecology of any performance scene, different kinds of places play different roles. In the bay area there has been a vigorous history of small, informal, intimate, non-precious spaces where dance occurs. Taking a moment to shine a spotlight on the current situation, ddp14 asked for a GIANT convocation of the small spaces of the bay area: those who run them, curate in them, perform in them, and love them, and invites us to create a collaborative, interactive manifesto of the SMALL NOW together.

Offsite at the Milkbar, a small space for dance and live performance/ installation in East Oakland, Mary Armentrout’s home space. Moderator Mary Armentrout talked with panelists Joe Landini, Laura Arrington, Ernesto Sopprani, and Brittany Delany and then asked everyone present to help with making a collaborative map, manifesto, and/or description of the state of small spaces in the bay area now.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 7:30pm
Milkbar at the Sunshine Biscuit Factory in East Oakland