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Fall 2016 Dance Grant Recipients

Dancers’ Group announces Fall 2016 awardees of its CA$H (Creative Assistance for the Small (organization) and Hungry (artist)) granting program. The bi-annual awards support Bay Area dance artists and small organizations with budgets of under $100,000.

Individual artists receive $2,000 in support of an artistic project and dance organizations receive $4,000 in support of an artistic or organizational development project.

The Fall 2016 grants were reviewed and decided by a peer panel of Bay Area artists: Christian Burns, choreographer and director, burnsWORK; Debby Kajiyama, choreographer and co-director, NAKA Dance Theater; Yayoi Kambara choreographer and director, KAMBARA+Dancers; My-Linh Le, choreographer and director, Mud Water Theatre; Usha Srinivasan, dancer and president of Sangam Arts.

The CA$H program is funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and San Francisco Grants for the Arts.

Congratulations to the 14 grantees!

Individual Artists

Charya Burt
Greacian Goeke (collaborator Kaethe Weingarten)
Rowena Richie
Vanessa Sanchez
Farah Yasmeen Shaikh
Alice Sheppard
Keisha Turner


detour dance
Dohee Lee Puri Arts
Kinetech Arts
Sara Shelton Mann’s Mixed Bag Productions
Tableau Stations / Isak Immanuel
Topsy-Turvy Queer Circus

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Check back in early 2017 for the spring deadline
Below are application materials and guidelines from the most recent 2016 round, for reference

Application Materials

Review the guidelines and complete the appropriate application packet based on your selection of a grant for a dance artist or organization. Download:

Dance Artist Application (PDF) or (DOC)
Dance Organization Application (PDF) or (DOC)
Additional Demographic Information Forms (PDF) or (DOC)

Applicants applying for support for a theatre project must submit their application to Theatre Bay Area at

Be sure to review the application materials and guidelines carefully as changes have been made.

Questions? Email or call 415-920-9181


  • ARTISTS may apply for $2,000 in support of an artistic project.
  • ORGANIZATIONS may apply for $4,000 in support of an artistic project OR for an organizational development project that will improve their ability to create/present their work. Requests for organizational development must specify the purpose (e.g. website, computer purchase, marketing initiative, etc.) and how it will impact the organization’s ability to create or present their work.

NOTE: ARTISTS and ORGANIZATIONS have different application forms.


The dance round of CA$H is open to Bay Area ARTISTS and small ORGANIZATIONS that create and perform dance works. The Bay Area includes San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Marin, Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties.

* ARTISTS must be at least 18 years old, working in the art form of the proposed project, and be able to document at least one work that was presented publicly in the last two years (since October 2014). Artists may apply either as individuals or submit a collaborative team application. A collaborative team consists of two or more artists who are applying as a collaborative team that will create together. Collaborative teams are defined as regularly working together and must document at least one work that was presented publicly in the last two years that involved all members of the team. A choreographer who has a collaborative process with their dancers but maintains a leadership role is not considered a collaborative team for the CA$H application.

* ORGANIZATIONS, incorporated or not, must have a yearly operational budget under $100,000, and be able to document at least two works that were presented publicly in the last two years (since October 2014). If an organization does not fulfill these requirements, they may consider submitting an “ARTIST” application (see eligibility above).

No applications from students or CA$H personnel, or from organizations that are primarily presenters, performance venues, nonprofessional (pastime/hobby) companies or arts education programs.

Applicants can only submit one proposal per granting round.

Previous CA$H grantees may reapply, but must first sit out one round of their discipline as well as submit a self-evaluation on the project for which they were funded before reapplying.

How Decisions are Made

CA$H was designed as an artist-driven program and, in line with that, a peer panel of five artists/administrators are assembled to review each round of applications and make granting decisions. It is Dancers’ Group’s commitment to gather a panel that is as diverse as possible (ethnicity, geography, discipline, experience, etc.). Every panelist receives training on the panel process; all are empowered to interpret the priority criteria through the filter of their own personal experiences and artistic views, while staying true to guiding principles on which CA$H was founded.

The panelists will review each project based on the following criteria:

  • The project/work will have an impact on the artist, the organization, the community or the field
  • The project/work is innovative with the potential for excellence
  • The project/work will result in some kind of tangible creative activity


Grant awards will be announced via email in December 2016. While there is no specific grant period in which the funds must be used, projects must not culminate before January 1, 2017. Grantees will begin receiving requests for a final report approximately six months after receiving a grant.


Grantees will complete a self-evaluation of the funded project. This includes: how the money was spent; additional sources of income that supported the project; total project expenses; when and where the project/event took place; the number of artists involved; and the number of people who attended a performance, if applicable. We also request copies of any press, audience feedback, and promotional materials.


Looking for the Theatre application?

There is no longer a common application form for dance and theatre projects. Visit for guidelines and application instructions.

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