June 2010

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By Wayne Hazzard

Art Meets Life: The 30th Annual Planetary Dance
By Claudia Bauer

Across State Lines—New Direction, Comes New Information
By Michael Estanich

Ruminations on the Ecology of Our Community
By Dancers’ Group Staff

I, What, We, How: Ruminations on Community
By Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos

From Tsunamis to Juice
By Evangel King

Ethnic Dance Festival: Chatting with Carlos Carvajal Behind the Scenes
By Carlos Carvajal

SPEAK By Sri Susilowati
By Sri Susilowati

Monkey Business at Monkey Town: When Tour Dates Go Awry
By Kate Law Hoflich

Kinesthetic Aesthetic: On Explaining Dance to Your Friends & the Outside World
By Jennifer Marie Hoff

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