Welcome, Dec 2011

By Wayne Hazzard

December 1, 2011, PUBLISHED BY IN DANCE

Looking back, looking forward.

Sometimes it’s best to state the obvious: Like when a friend has a piece of spinach caught between his/her teeth. You need to tell them. You can be subtle, guide them to the spinach with a gesture, or you can be bolder and tell. And if done with humor, it will be appreciated, for humor and candor go hand in hand, as do artists and their communities.

While it might be apparent, and even redundant, to state that Dancers’ Group exists, and even flourishes, due to the amazing community of artists, companies and organizations that we work with, it needs to be stated, again and again. The health of our organization and the services we continue to provide are a direct result of your involvement in our work.

As part of one of the largest dance communities in the country, and growing, the mission of Dancers’ Group is to promote the visibility and viability of dance. We provide resources to artists, the dance community, and audiences through programs that are as collaborative and innovative as the creative process. Is this one more example of stating the obvious? It certainly is.

As this year ends, Dancers’ Group is preparing to acknowledge a major anniversary: 2012 will mark three decades of presenting incredible performances, workshops, classes, programs, advocacy and convenings. As one of the founders, I have witnessed the growth of this organization that was made possible by you: our members, audience, students, sponsored artists, writers, friends and funders.

Looking back, as we continue to move forward, has allowed Dancers’ Group to collect stories and remembrances since 1982, and starting next month we will be printing a variety of these snapshots written by an amazing list of artists and notable others. But for now, here’s an overview of what our community helps us accomplish.

Through your support, we are able to:
-Present over 30 free, public performance events each year–including our popular Rotunda Dance Series, ONSITE and 2nd Sundays.

-Amplify the work of the dance community by getting the word out through ebulletins, Facebook, Twitter, California Dance Network, and more.

-Provide a free online performance calendar of dance performances happening throughout the greater Bay Area.

-Publish In Dance, sent to our members and distribute complimentary copies to the community each month.

-Support over 120 local choreographers, companies, and community dance projects through our fiscal sponsorship program.

-Provide professional opportunities including internships and artist development workshops on a variety of career, artistic and business topics.

-Offer dance artists and organizations support through re-granting programs such as CA$H Grant, the Lighting Artists in Dance Award, and New Stages for Dance.

-Advocate for dance at the local, state, and federal level.

It wouldn’t be the end of the year without a plea to ask for more support, so here’s how you can continue to help Dancers’ Group:
-Volunteer at one of our free events.
-Spread the word about our programs and services.
-Share community information with us.
-Attend our many free events such as 2nd Sundays and the Rotunda Dance Series.
-Like us on Facebook and follow our Twitter feed.
-Make a donation to Dancers’ Group or one of our many projects.

And, if you are not one of over 650 members please consider supporting Dancers’ Group, become a member.

Dreams become accomplishments when we ask for the support they need.
Happy Holidays, and cheers, another New Year approaches.

— Wayne Hazzard, Executive Director

This article appeared in the December 2011 issue of In Dance.

Wayne Hazzard is a native Californian and as a co-founder is proud to continue his work with the Bay Area dance community as the executive director of Dancers’ Group. Hazzard is a leader in the service field who is known for his work with fiscal sponsorship and on new program development. Hazzard had a distinguished 20-year career performing the works of many notable choreographers including Ed Mock, June Watanabe, Emily Keeler, Aaron Osborne, Joe Goode and Margaret Jenkins. Coinciding with his life as a dancer, Hazzard has and continues to work as an advocate for dance.