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Contributed By:  RoCo Dance/Annie Parr

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Live stream MDRN YGA classes through RoCo dance

MDRN YGA, founded by Annie Parr and Emily Fromherz Daly is a dynamic mat-less class bridging vinyasa flow yoga, mind-body fitness modalities and floor based modern dance principles. Paced to a playlist ranging from Classical to Alternative the class sequences artful movement patterns to stretch, tone and ground the body.

All of the sequences are choreographed and clearly guided similar to a yoga class but with the personality of a dance class. Dancer or not, yogi or not, this is not a traditional dance or yoga class. It is for the athletic and artful minded individual that is looking to creatively expand their practice.

This class will open up ones approach to transitions, musicality and flow. Ultimately, Modern Yoga enables a strong, and efficient body, stimulating grace and fun through motion to connect to your authentic self.

Dates:  every Tu/Th/Sa
Time:  9-10am
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Cost:  $15 per class