Shahrzad Dance: Studio for Rent

Contributed By:  Shahrzad Khorsandi

I have a home studio with bamboo floors and mirrors. In the past I never rented it out but due to the pandemic and dancers’ need to find a studio that does not have “foot traffic” I decided it was a good idea to rent it out for solo rehearsal/zoom classes. I teach my own zoom classes there. I have a small speaker with a cable for phone/ipod connection. The rental fee is $15/hr but for Dancers’ Group members I am offering $10/hr (minimum of 2-hr rental). Please email me if interested or have questions.

Dates:  on-going
Location:  Richmond Heights (East Bay)
Location Address:  

6262 Bernhard Avenue
Richmond CA 94805

Contact Information:

Cost:  $15/hr
DG Member Discount:  $10/hr (2-hr minimum)
Code:  DanceGroup2020