10 in 10 Video Series

By Andréa Spearman

September 24, 2021, PUBLISHED BY IN DANCE

10 questions in 10 minutes. Quick insights with the local Bay Area dance community.

Prior to Covid, I had often thought of producing a “(wo)man on the street”-style series where I would chat up dancers and dance supporters outside of classes, performances, auditions, studios, etc.

Since last year that idea has shifted and manifested itself into a 10 minute Zoom interview where we gave absolutely no heads up about potential questions to the interviewees. Ha! They only knew they’d be asked about their dance background and current artistry. And I did ask them to show us their favorite dance move. Enjoy!

Alyssa Mitchel

Female dancer leaping through the air
Alyssa Mitchel Photo by AC Wong Photography [ID: mid-20s Caucasian female dancer leaping through the air with her legs parallel to the ground. She wears a a white crop top and black shorts.]

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Sawako Gannon

Woman dancing against a sky background
Sawako Gannon Photo by Rahman Hayes [ID: young, early 20s Asian woman dancing against a sky background. She leans backwards with one hand in a thinking position at her chin and the other arm moves across her ribs. Her hair is black with highlights of royal blue and she wears a black and white top.]

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Jessica Recinos

Woman dancing on the street
Jessica Recinos Photo by Kyle Adler [ID: Young, Latina woman dancing on the streets of the Mission district in San Francisco. She wears a black tank top, red leather pants, and strappy heels as she throws a light blue jean jacket up in the air above her with both arms raised above her head. She smiles full of joy.]

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This series appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of In Dance.

Bay Area native, Andréa Spearman is an administrator, choreographer, performer, teacher, and student of a variety of modern-based movement with over 20 years of experience. Director of her own dance company, A. Spearman & Co. and also currently produces and hosts, The Black Landscape podcast, a series of conversations that spotlight Black leaders in the SF Bay Area communities in various industries. Listen on Apple Music, BuzzSprout, Google Podcasts, and more. https://theblacklandscape.buzzsprout.com