MoToR/dance: Rolling Audition

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In January 2020 we auditioned a strong ensemble that had several performance opportunities to workshop the multi-part piece Water in the Kettle. The pandemic upended both the ensemble and the opportunities, but we have regrouped and are plowing ahead with the creation. Rehearsals are in Oakland near MacArthur Bart. Necessitating an unusual skillset, at this point the goal is skill building rather than project-based, though we are always working toward live and film performance.

MoToR/dance creates powerful interlocking percussive dance arrangements with layered vocal harmonies and large group choreography, in a moving choir. Creating emotionally in-depth works, MoToR/dance is singular in its integration of systems, pushing the envelope in Body Music and Contemporary Dance. MoToR/dance pieces reunite African diaspora polyrhythms with Appalachian/American traditional song; conflating the cultural miscegenation of white, black and brown in foundational American music/dance with the reality of its painful origin. Works are created for live performance and film.

See the website for samples of the dance films and style.

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Rehearsals are in Oakland near MacArthur Bart.

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