In Conversation

By Andréa Spearman

January 13, 2022, PUBLISHED BY IN DANCE

In Conversation, a series of interviews exploring exchanges about dance and different folks’ relationship to dance.

Health and wellness. These are no longer just trending topics on Twitter and Instagram. Wellness no longer means an image of a woman in athleisure wear in a yoga pose trying to sell us branded water. Wellness has taken on a more grounded and intimate meaning as we all continue to re-examine our physical and mental health this year.

In this edition of In Conversation I spoke with Olivia Eng about her holistic practices and processes that guide her as an artist and creator. After spinal surgery in 2012 she reconstructed her movement practices by healing and reconnecting with her herbalism and farming roots.

Portrait of woman smiling, with long, black hair, and with colorful, flowery fabric in the background.
Selfie by Olivia Eng. [ID: Portrait of a woman smiling with long, black hair. She has a nose ring on the left side, and is wearing a short-sleeve orange shirt. The background is a colorful, flowery fabric in shades of reds, white, and blues.]

Olivia Eng is a multi-disciplinary artist, performer, teacher, and choreographer. She is passionate about creating art, photography, holistic practices, herbal medicine, traveling, and connecting with community. Eng graduated from UC Irvine focusing on Dance Performance and Sociology.


She has traveled the world collaborating, performing, and studying with artists in traditional and contemporary forms of West African movement, Brazilian, Indian dance, and more. She began developing the S.C.A.R.S. (Strength, Courage, and Resilience of the Soul) Project, with a mission to foster healing through dance, story-telling, poetry, art, cross cultural exchange and holistic practices.


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Learn more about S.C.A.R.S. 

Facebook: SCARSArt
YouTube: SCARSArt


All Audio Recorded and Edited by Andréa Spearman

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This conversation appeared in the Winter 2022 issue of In Dance.

Bay Area native, Andréa Spearman is an administrator, choreographer, performer, teacher, and student of a variety of modern-based movement with over 20 years of experience. Director of her own dance company, A. Spearman & Co. and also currently produces and hosts, The Black Landscape podcast, a series of conversations that spotlight Black leaders in the SF Bay Area communities in various industries. Listen on Apple Music, BuzzSprout, Google Podcasts, and more.