Compostable Feminisms: Contemporary Dance Class

Contributed By:  Miriam Wolodarski & Rosemary Hannon

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Classes with Rosemary Hannon & Miriam Wolodarski.

Experiential Anatomy
Choreographic Motifs/Phrases/Coordinations
Improvisation and Composition: frames, scores, experiments? Awareness Practices and Open Discussions

Feminism awakens the moment we take note of imbalances of power, but it does not end there; it blossoms into new ways of being. We are interested in ways of moving/dancing together that resist the teleology of self improvement, that turn to felt, bodily sensations to generate structures that support politics of refusal, of unknowing, of listening, of decomposing, of yielding. This is a class that asks: “What does a feminist dance practice feel like?” But the idea is not to answer the question, but rather drift in sensation, leaning into structures and supports in order to touch the unknown, noticing and valuing places of ambiguity and ephemerality.

Dates:  Fridays
Time:  11:30am-1:30pm
Location:  Berkeley Finnish Hall
Location Address:  

1970 Chestnut Street
Berkeley CA 94702

Contact Information:

Cost:  $10-$20, NOTAFLOF