LABA BAY AREA Fellowship

Contributed By:  LABA BAY AREA

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A laboratory for Jewish culture that uses ancient Jewish texts to inspire the creation of new art and thought. We gather monthly-ish over the course of a year and study and connect over writing from the distant past, and then our fellows use this process to fertilize work. Fellows come from a mix of disciplines, and we love to have dancers in the group. The theme for 2024 is NIGHT: We invite you to point your flashlight towards uncharted territories–places you might cherish, wish to destroy, or both– and propose new work inspired by what night brings up in you. All mediums accepted, and the strange and unconventional are always welcome. $1000 study stipend plus project support.

Dates:  Deadline to apply: Fri, Nov 17
Location:  San Francisco
Contact Information: