BANDALOOP: Eastern Sierra Workshop

Contributed By:  BANDALOOP

Dive into three days of outdoor adventure and BANDALOOPing bliss while camping in the high country. Rooted in our culture of safety, students will start with movement practices that ground us in the environment and our bodies. We move to the basics of how to safely ascend and rappel with guidance from our experienced teachers and riggers. From there, we will immerse ourselves in BANDALOOP movement, including vertical technique, choreography, and partnering in a safe and supportive environment. We will work with improvisational scores and compositional exercises to generate movement in relationship to place and to each other supported by morning sessions of ground-based warm-ups and movement.

This is an open level workshop, no prior dance or climbing experience necessary. BANDALOOP will provide all dance gear, water, snacks and hot beverages. Students are responsible for their own food, transportation and camping gear. Onsite camp logistical support will be provided by BANDALOOP. 18+

Dates:  Mon-Fri, Jun 10-14 (4 nights, 3 days)
Location:  We will be group camping at Tom’s Place in the Eastern Sierras. This campsite has running water and bathroom facilities.
Location Address:  

8180 Crowley Lake Dr Crowley Lake,
California 93546

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Cost:  $1200 before Mon, Apr 1 | $1300 after Mon, Apr 1
DG Member Discount:  10% off
Code:  DG24