Rosangela Silvestre: Silvestre Technique Experience

Contributed By:  Rosangela Silvestre

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An invitation to experience the process of Silvestre Technique with its creator, Rosangela Silvestre, from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil! Silvestre Technique is an evolving contemporary dance technique that conditions and prepares the body, mind and spirit of the dancer to find their expression potential. Working with “the Body Universe”, symbolized by three triangles on the body, the technique emphasizes the connection of the physical body with the Elements of Nature and the Cosmos. The technique works to create a dialogue with the body that builds form and activates intention in personal expression, while staying connected to the energy centers of the body and elements of nature.


Dates:  Fri-Tue, Apr 19-23
Location:  VidaAnanda - Puntarenas Province Costa Rica
Location Address:  

50m Norte Super Hermosa, Playa Hermosa – Manzanillo Beach Rd, Puntarenas Province, 61111 Costa Rica

Contact Information:
Whatsapp: +19703903700

Cost:  $1500-$2000