Hillside Club: Seeking Dance Events

Contributed By:  Hillside Club

The Hillside Club is a beautiful space with a sprung wood floor, stage and sound equipment. We used to have a someone who booked dance events – concerts, workshops, etc – in the space, and we miss that activity. The venue is available to rent for dance events, but we would also love to have someone in the position of booking dance events into the space. This is a volunteer position – perfect for anyone who wants to present dance, see more dance presented, or make use of this wonderful venue.

We are primarily interested in social dances such as folk dances, square dances, and partner dances, and human-made music, as opposed to techno or industrial sounds.

Location:  Hillside Club
Location Address:  

2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA 94709

Contact Information:  

Ellen Dougherty