Rang De Bollywood: Bollywood, Semiclassical, Indian Folk dance instructor

Contributed By:  Rang De Bollywood and Indian Folk Dance Company

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Salary Range: $35-$100 per class (depending on experience)

Job Title: Instructor – Bollywood, Bhangra
Department: Rang De Bollywood Dance Company
Reports To: Director
Classification: Part-time, contractor
Schedule: 1-4 hours Sundays
Start Date: May 1st, 2024
Job Purpose: To deliver the School’s curriculum, determined by the Director, to the students enrolled in Rang De Bollywood classes; to develop and nurture these students; to transmit a passion for the art form.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
* Structure and teach Rang De Bollywood following the School’s stated curriculum.  This includes level-appropriate classroom technical instruction as well as mentoring students in the artistic, musical and dance story
* Attend regular staff meetings. Participate in the end of the year student showcase and lead students through performance opportunities

Location Address:  

San Francisco

Contact Information:  

4155659190, rangdebollywood@gmail.com