The Doghouse: Weekly Swing Dances

Contributed By:  The Doghouse

The Doghouse is a weekly social dance/lessons event hosted by a local non-profit organization. Our mission is to nurture and grow the swing scene in the Bay Area by providing educational information, opportunities, and experiences for social dance, with a focus on jazz-based Lindy Hop swing dance.

We host a weekly social dance focusing on swing & Lindy Hop, as well as beginning and intermediate Lindy Hop swing dance classes.

We will promote inclusivity, diversity, sharing and community through dance, and carry on the legacy of Frankie Manning and the original Lindy Hoppers while celebrating the roots of African-American dance and classic jazz music.

Dates:  Thursdays
Time:  7:30pm-11:00pm
Location:  Russian Center of SF
Location Address:  

2460 Sutter Street, San Francisco

Contact Information:

Cost:  $18