Detour Productions: Think Tank: A QTBIPOC Peer Review Workshop on Grant Narratives (Session 1)

Contributed By:  Detour Productions

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Dive into an enriching peer review session tailored specifically for QTBIPOC artists navigating the challenging landscape of grant writing! In this interactive workshop, participants will gain valuable insights into articulating their artistic vision, defining achievable goals, and effectively conveying the significance of their projects to potential funders. Expect engaging discussions, constructive feedback, and active participation as we collectively refine each other’s grant narratives. Facilitated by Eric Garcia.

Participants are requested to come prepared with two narrative responses:
*A 400-word project narrative addressing the prompt: “Project summary and concept, inclusive of your artistic vision, goals, and decision to undertake this project at this time.”
* A 250-word reflection responding to the prompt: “Is there an intended audience for this project? If yes, how will you engage them?”

Part of Detour’s 2024 Summer Intensive Series.

Dates:  Fri, Aug 16
Time:  5:30pm-8:30pm
Location:  Online
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Cost:  Donation