West Coast Contact Improvisation JAM: miniWCCI 2024

Contributed By:  West Coast Contact Improvisation JAM

We are thrilled to announce that the West Coast Contact Improvisation JAM is back again in “mini” form. This year’s theme is “Lineage & Collective Futures”: our intention is to honor the history of Contact Improvisation, lean in to mutuality and collaboration, and vision future iterations of this community festival. wcciJAM (formerly WCCIF) is the longest running CI festival in the world. After a years-long, Covid-triggered hiatus, community folks are rallying to bring back a limited edition of our beloved festival, with hopes to expand in years to come. We will gather for five days of intensive workshops, classes, jams, and collective visioning. WCCI has always been by dancers, for dancers; we are committed to building skill, community, and equity at CI jams and classes in the Bay Area and beyond.

Dates:  Wed-Sun, Aug 7-11
Time:  10:00am-11:00pm
Location:  Berkeley Finnish Hall
Location Address:  

1970 Chestnut St., Berkeley CA 94702

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Website:  wccijam.org
Cost:  $400-$600 sliding scale
DG Member Discount:  10% off
Code:  DG