ONSITE: Shinichi Iova-Koga/inkBoat

Shinichi and Anna in headdresses95 Rituals was a site-specific performance work by Shinichi Iova-Koga/inkBoat, dedicated to Anna Halprin, a visionary artist whose work radically expanded the purpose, process, and content of dance-making over seven decades. 95 Rituals premiered in May-July 2015 in 8-10 admission-free outdoor performances at various locations in San Francisco, culminating with Ms. Halprin’s 95th birthday and performances at the Hyde Street Pier that, to quote San Francisco Chronicle critic Mary Ellen Hunt, mixed “humor, introspection, playfulness and memory with fearless gestures and thoughtfully crafted drama.” (read the full review here)

Dancers’ Group and Shinichi Iova-Koga published a book of photographs and writing chronicling the creative process and events available here.

Live performance—especially when it takes place outside and in public spaces—does not come without surprises or challenges. In response to a moment of spontaneous nudity at Friday’s performance, the planned final performance on Saturday, July 11 was canceled. Though the moment was beautiful, it was in violation of directly communicated rules from our hosts at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. The Park Rangers extended every courtesy and did their best to work with us within the rules that they must uphold. Many who heard the news recalled Anna’s storied use of nudity in performance since the 1960’s and yesterday KQED published an article by Kat Snow highlighting this unintended connection in a new work honoring her legacy and artistic process.

To learn more about the process, artists, and performance details visit 95rituals.org

Stay tuned for more information about the video and book about the project!