Antwan "Banks" Williams

Antwan “Banks” Williams is the Co-Creator and Sound Designer of the award-winning podcast Ear Hustle. He is a dancer and choreographer who studied movement, rhythm, and sound for four years while serving a 15-year sentence in San Quentin State Prison. He specializes in modern, contemporary, krump, and hip-hop dance styles while infusing story- telling in performing arts. He is also well versed in videography, video editing, music production, and audio engineering. In 2019 Antwan was released from prison after serving 13 years in the California Department of Rehabilitation. He continues to work for the podcast, produce video content, tour schools in the Bay Area as a public speaker, and volunteer inside and outside prisons. Antwan’s goal is to use his lived experience to educate and enhance people's understanding of the justice system and cultural conditioning through art, dance, music, and storytelling.

Sep 27, 2022
Every Second