Carolelinda Dickey Andrea E. Snyder

Carolelinda Dickey and Andrea Snyder co-direct American Dance Abroad using a lean and nimble business model. Flexibility and fast turnaround on projects is critical to working on an international level. To succeed, the American dance community needs to mirror the best practices of their international colleagues. ADA's presence needs to be most visible on a global level. Therefore, support staff and project-specific support is retained as needed. Overhead is kept low and the work environment is technologically smart. Dickey and Snyder have worked together on a project basis for over 12 years, focusing on the international needs and opportunities facing American dance artists and companies. Their collective knowledge of dance as well as their personal global networks serves the goal of American Dance Abroad. Also, Dickey and Snyder are committed to passing on their knowledge and experience to the next generation. Three volunteer, post-graduate interns currently assist the Co-Directors in website maintenance, database development and research.

May 01, 2013
Regaining an American Foothold in the International Dance Scene