Hiroko Tamano

Hiroko Tamano. 1952: Born in Fukuoka prefecture of Japan, as the 2nd daughter of a farm family. Age 2, adopted by a Literature family. Age 8, the family moved to Tottori prefecture. Snow country. Age18, entered Art University in Tokyo. Age 20, entered Butoh founder Hijikata Tatsumi’s studio. 1972: Dance debut in Hijikata's work at Kyoto University West Auditorium. Hijikata's work “27 Evenings for Four Seasons” in Tokyo. 1973: Started living with Koichi Tamano. 1976: A daughter was born. 1979: Moved to the USA. Settled in Berkeley, California. 1980s: Arch Studio, Mabuhay Gardens, Theater Lab, Eureka Theater, SFMOMA, Canada tour, etc. 1981-’85: worked at Moom Basket Futon Shop under Fusako de Angels. 1990s: Japan tour, Europe tour, SF Butoh festivals, "Camp Winnarainbow" under Wavy Gravy. 1995-2012: Country Station Sushi Cafe owner. 2017: The first annual "Life & Death Celebration" Butoh gathering. Butoh Works with Koichi Tamano: “Fetus of Nature” (1988),"Piece on Earth" (1989), “MandaLove" (1992) and others!

Jan 17, 2023
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