Joyce Lu

Joyce Lu is a performing artist, director, and educator based in Los Angeles. She is a former member of Body Weather Laboratory LA and has performed with Oguri and Roxanne Steinberg at many venues including The Guggenheim and Getty museums. She currently practices and performs Balinese dance with Burat Wangi led by Nanik Wenten and I Nyoman Wenten. Joyce participated in a Tribu Tur with KULARTS in 2002 and contributed an article about KULARTS to the anthology California Dreaming: Movement and Place in the Asian American Imaginary (2020). Joyce received her MFA in Asian Performance from the University of Hawai’i at M?noa and a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from UC Berkeley. She is currently an Associate Professor in Theatre and Dance and Asian American Studies at Pomona College.

Sep 27, 2022
Decolonizing Industries of Care: Nursing These Wounds