Nkeiruka Oruche

Nkeiruka Oruche is a multi-local, multi-interested Igbo creative who currently works and plays in Huchiun, unceded Lisjan Ohlone territory. Written words have always been her jam. You may find her cuddled up in bed battling debilitating pain, while simultaneously planning themed house parties or making spreadsheets to organize the multi-pronged takedown of capitalistcolonialheteropatriarchy. She’s particularly obsessed with Pan Afro-Urban culture and its intersections with personal identity, public wealth, and sociopolitical action, and believes that most of our problems can be cured with a fire-ass playlist. Absorb her reverberations through Afro Urban Society, Bakanal de Afrique, BoomShake Music, and House/full of BlackWomen. If personal stalking is more your vibe, try your luck at nkeioruche.com, IG: @nkorigible; TW: @Playcookie or just Send money Paypal | Venmo | Zelle. Because, Igbo girls don’t swim in water, we swim in wealth.

Jun 24, 2021
Casting Call for a New “African” Dance Reality Show