Tachíria Flamenco

A BIPOC, LGBTQ+, two spirit artist, Ms. Tachíria Flamenco (she/they) the iconic dancer and choreographer, has been named the “Top flamenco dancer in America” by the So You Think You Can Dance judges, is one of the featured professionals as “Living the Dream” and named a “Flamenco Star” by Sunset Magazine, and is an Isadora Duncan Dance Award elite nominee in individual performance. A survivor, now thriver, of rape, domestic violence and cancer, Ms. Flamenco is a flamenco & Spanish dancer, versatile Meisner actor, comedian, singer, artistic director, author. All have a specific focus on flamenco with a goal to help empower people to overcome perceived challenges so they can live their dreams now. She tours internationally throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada and the Americas with a home base in San Francisco. Ms. Flamenco was one of the first originally chosen artists by Jennifer Lopez to be in “¡Que Viva! The Chosen.” She is the artistic director of Tachíria Flamenco’s Dance Music Theater and Tachíria Flamenco’s A.R.T. (Artists Revolutionists Theorists).

Jan 17, 2023
Fourth to Fifth Generation Flamenco & Spanish Dancer