Fall 2023

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by Rowena Richie

Putting Down Roots and Raising Voices:
Black Women Leaders at the Dance/USA Conference
by Andréa Spearman

Creating Joy so that We May Remember
Kim Requesto interviewed by Rowena Richie

The Cypher, The Circle & The Drums
by Karla Flores

Preparing the Clouds
by Shinichi Iova-Koga

Flow: Embracing Nature’s Wisdom Through Art
by Conni McKenzie

Why the Hella Hyphy Ball is more than just a Ball
by Tremaine Wheaton

Taking Up Room on the (Concert Dance) Floor
by Melissa Hudson Bell

Weaving the Generations Together Through “Quilted Ancestors”
by Dazaun Soleyn

Taking Up Space: A conversation between two dancers combating anti-fatness
by Kat Koenemann and Alex Tiscareno

A QUEERspace For All
by Afia Thompson

Maternal Movement
by Danielle Vigil

Bridging the Gap Between Freestyle and Choreography
by Tarik Rollerson

Let’s Sick Dance
by Dia Dear

Views from the Porch: Reflections on Dance as a Practice of Being
by Audrey Johnson

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