July/August 2007

From Stage to Screen; Bromberg Forges New Directions
By Julia Hollas: An interview with the University of Utah’s Assistant Professor of Modern Dance on her focus career and the upcoming Dancers’ Group International Dance Film Screening in SF.

Keep the Reels Rolling; Why the Bay Area Should Fight to Keep Dance/Screen
By Michael Wade Simpson

Fundraising for Individual Artists 101
By Nancy Quinn

Funny, You Don’t Look Dancerish
By Claudia La Rocco

We All Live in Humansville
By Ann Murphy

Dance Film Comes of Age
By Stephanie Linakis

Searching for the Right Mix; WestWave Dance Festival 2007
By Wendy Rein

Making Video Make Sense
By Jessica Robinson: Jessica Robinson focuses on the merging of film and live performance and how this movement affects the futures of these art forms.

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