Spring 2021

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Spring 2021 In Dance

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by Wayne Hazzard

In Practice: Sean Dorsey, Fresh Meat Productions, and Trans Joy
by Sima Belmar

Burn Scars
by Gerald Casel

It’s Hard to Say
by Rowena Richie with Joyce Calvert

Anchor Us: Making and not Making in the time of Covid
by Aura Fischbeck and Christy Funsch

Mosaic America
by Priya Das and Usha Srinvivasan

Soft Power
by Yayoi Kambara

slow, sticky, sustainable
by Bhumi Patel

Ad Infinitum Identities
by Justin Ebrahemi

An gì chua?
by Hien Huynh

From Containment to Expansion: A Tenderloin Meditation
by Minister Marvin K. White

Finding a Flow Through Heartistry
by Farah Yasmeen Shaikh

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