Spring 2022

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Spring 2022 In Dance

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by Bhumi B. Patel

we done/come home: a ritual prayer for belonging
by amara tabor-smith

Family in Site
by Melecio Estrella

Root my body grew
by Jasmine Hearn

Being a Body
by KJ Dahlaw

dancing close to home
by Emma Tome

Learning to Dance Or When Lessons on Transformation are Lessons on Belonging
by Hannah Meleokaiao Ayasse

10 in 10
with Sir JoQ

In Conversation
with Melecio Estrella

A Love Letter to San Francisco: A Dancer’s Understanding of Home
by Jesse Escalante

given, found, finding, making, re-making, finding again
by Nina Wu

by Zoe Huey

to remain empty at all times, an effervescent palimpsest (or love letter) for the heart
by Estrellx Supernova

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